10 things to remember when going on the Backstreet Boys (@backstreetboys) Cruise

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For any new cruiser, they expect everything… but the biggest rule to a Backstreet Boys is to expect nothing and you won’t walk away feeling empty handed.

Do not get on the boat and expect to run into Nick in the hallways or midnight conversations with AJ. If you expect it, it will never happen (in most cases). This is why I believe a lot of people have a bad reaction to the cruise afterwards because they have all of these expectations leading up to the cruise.

The biggest rule is that – expect nothing.

Here are 10 other things to think about while preparing for the cruise.

  1. cruise1Howie will always have a drink in his hand.
  2. Do not sleep in the hallways waiting for one of the boys to come by. You paid for a room. You won’t sleep much anyways, so at least get your moneys worth out of the bed.
  3. Don’t be pushy. If there is atleast 10 rows of girls in front of us at the beach party or a deck party, pushing them upward is not going to get you any closer to Kevin. It is only going to annoy him and he’s going to leave so that the situation doesn’t escalate.
  4. If you do see a tipsy Howito walking in the hallway at 4 in the morning, be kind. He’s probably lost.
  5. Do not hog the guys’ attention. If you are lucky enough to be able to get a selfie with one of the boys during any of the events, don’t stand there and expect to have a life-meaning conversation with them. Be courteous and move along to the next guy so other fans can have a chance.
  6. Be wary of the boat’s security. Not the guys’ security, but the ones on the boat, that guard the hallways. They can get frisky.
  7. Don’t drink so much that you don’t remember the entire trip. You WANT to remember this cruise.
  9. Door Decorations are awesome. Some people work REALLY hard on their door decorations, so if you see something you like, it’s not a free-for-all… don’t steal it! Do not rib or terrorize other people’s doors. It’s an asshat move.
  10. At the beach party, there are several things. First, stay hydrated, especially if it’s warm. Second, don’t chase a boy in the water, it’s scary especially if you are in the path of the said boy. Lastly, enjoy the beach. Go enjoy the water some and don’t just stand there waiting for the boys to show you the slightest bit of attention.


Remember, while this is a Backstreet Boys cruise, it’s also a cruise. Enjoy it! Take it from someone who on her first cruise didn’t even go out to the water in the Bahamas, who didn’t do any gambling or anything else. It was BSB 24/7 and while it still can be BSB 24/7, take some time to do other things while you’re on the boat.


  1. Krista

    This is 100% and beyond correct!!! I wish some girls would actually practice this. Some girls hog ALL thier attention to themselves. Iam happy if I get one selfie with them. Last year a girl was In the front of the stage showing off all, I would say 50 photos of her with EACH guy. Some girls behind me hadn’t met them 1x. She wouldn’t let anyone in front of her or anything. Like you said, you and 2100 other people PAID to be on there too. Don’t be nasty and just have fun. I hope every cruiser reads this before they go! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Alison Anchor

    Couldn’t agree more. Especially #5. Has happened to me on almost every cruise


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