Video: So, who is Trey D on @KevinRichardson’s shirt?

by | Jul 5, 2015 | Videos


There have been a lot of people wondering who exactly Trey D that Kevin Richardson wore on his shirt on the 2014 cruise. Have no fear for those that are like “what the hell, did you not know?” because I am one of those people. I had no clue, but knew he looked familiar.

Trey D. was a singer/rapper in the mid 90s that was popular in Europe. He hails from Kentucky, much like two of the Backstreet Boys.

Check out his video here… and then keep strolling to find out who he is. Kevin, Brian, Howie and AJ even appear in the video. Nick must have been busy that day.


So who is Trey D you ask?


He is none other than Kevin’s current bodyguard and longtime friend Keith McGuffey!

Keith, as Trey D. had several singles including “Higher and Higher,” “Mirror Mirror” and “Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow.” He also had the video above which was with Centory. But now you can find Keith as a part of the best security team in entertainment.

Now, can we all request this song to be performed during the next tour’s soundcheck?


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