5 celebrities who aren’t afraid to show their Backstreet Boys love

by | Aug 8, 2015 | Top Lists, Videos


Some celebrities are closet Backstreet Boys fans and some are pretty vocal about it. Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, I would see a country singer named Mark Wills a lot in concert and every time he saw me, he started singing “I Want It That Way” for some reason. It never failed… he loved the boys and whenever he saw me, he thought about them.

But it seems lately being a Backstreet Boys fan is cool again. Maybe it’s the nostalgia for some celebrities or maybe they just don’t care who knows it anymore.

Check out some of the most recent showcases of Backstreet Boys love and even one from the past that some people have probably forgot about.

1. Rachel McAdams

While doing promotion for her movie “Southpaw,” Rachel, along with her costars, were asked to save either or and were given choices. They were asked NSync or Backstreet Boys and Rachel picked to save the Backstreet Boys because all she had been talking about the past two days was their documentary.


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2. Amy Schumer

While vacationing in Switzerland this week, commedienne Amy Schumer danced to “As Long As You Love Me” while on a luxery boat. And homegirl got down.


3. Joe Manganiello

There is NOTHING like a man who will confess his love for the Backstreet Boys and Joe Manganiello won over a lot of female BSB fans this summer when he did just that. His character, Big Dick Richie, performed to “I Want It That Way” and Joe actually owns the fact that he loves the Backstreet Boys.

4. Ed Sheeran

The Brit has been known for well over a year now to mix in a little “Everybody” into his song “Runaway.” Can we just get Ed Sheeran and the Backstreet Boys to perform a song together. I mean, really. Can it happen?

5. Joe Jonas

He might try to deny it now, but home boy was a big Backstreet Boys back in his Jonas Brothers day. Not only did he use to wear a very old school BSB t-shirt around, he made a video with his brothers lip syncing “Just Want You To Know.” Can 2015 Joe Jonas sing that now? Please?


  1. Nancy Preston

    Lol, Jake chose not to save either group!

  2. Rob Lisi

    Jake would save Heath Ledger 😉


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