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The second edition of #AskTheFangirl is here. It’s been a crazy weekend for me with working on the #BSB24 video and my mother being admitted to the hospital, but I’m trying to take my mind off of this and keeping it busy. 

What better way to do that than to answer some Fangirl questions?

Hi Karah! What is the best way to get a photo with anybody famous? I see you have so many and so I wonder which was the hardest to get and which is your favorite? Thanks! – Jackie, Wisconsin

Jackie, I wish I could say that there’s one good way to get a photo with a celebrity and unless you want to buy photo opportunities such as VIP or a meet and greet at a convention, there’s not. I’ve never really stood out places for hours to wait for someone. I just don’t have the patience. Most of mine, especially with Backstreet Boys, have come from after parties and the cruise. 

Sometimes you just get lucky being in the right place at the right time.

As for the hardest to get? Garth Brooks. Mainly because it’s Garth Brooks and when did I ever imagine meeting him? But I got to go to a press conference and at the end, he jumped down and wanted to take a photo with me. To be honest, that’s probably my favorite, too. I took two photos with him – one on my camera and one selfie.

But if I had to pick another as a favorite, it would probably be this one below. While it was a photo opp and meet and greet in Nashville, I just love how the picture turned out.

Hey guys will you be touring the uk next year? Xx – Shuhena

Well, I won’t be touring the UK next year (lol), but if you meet Backstreet Boys, they have said that they plan to do a world tour next year when their album is released 🙂

Do you know the boyband Big Time Rush? If yes, what do you think about them?
Btw: I love your site 🙂

Thanks Sophia! I do know of the band Big Time Rush. I never really got into them, but watched their video for “WOO HOO” a few times on television and heard it on the radio. I just never got into them for some reason. I do know of Carlos though since he was on “Dancing With The Stars” when Nick Carter was on there. He seems like a cool guy.

What is the best way to go about sending a letter to Nick?
I live in New Zealand so me being able to go to lots of concerts and meet and greets just isnt that easy.
The guys came here in 2015 and i manage to get a front row seat. Nick was amazing.
I would love to write to him and let him know how much he and the boys have helped me through the years especially with my depression.
If it wasn’t for them and their music really did save me a lot of times from trying to end it.
I really want him to actually get the letter and it would mean so much if i could get a photo signed by him and sent back.
Is this even possible or am i just dreaming?
– Sharon (@BSBskiwigirl)

Honestly, doing something online would probably be the best bet. Maybe a blog post and tweet him the link, or a blog post on his official site, I know he reads those.

Back in 2013, I actually decided to write him a letter after reading his book and since they came here in concert, I decided to give it to him then. I know that’s not in your plans or capability right now, but if you really want to write one and mail it, maybe sending it to Wonderful Union might help?

With the internet, there’s just not any addresses they used to have back in the day. But I totally get what you’re saying about how he’s helped you.  He’s done the same for me. <3

Hi my name is Betsey and my question is what are Nick Carter kisses like ? – Betsey

They taste like butterscotch and coffee. No, I’m joking. I have absolutely no idea… best person to probably answer that question is his wife.



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