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Let’s face it, for most people on this side of the world (ie: North America, South America) and even some on the other side (China, Japan, Australia), the next Backstreet Boys cruise in 2016 is going to be expensive.

And when we say expensive… we mean EX-PEN-$$$$$$-IVE.

We calculated and for an American to have a decent room on board, fly over to Spain, transportation, hotel, excursions off the boat and spending money, one would need about $4,000 to $5,000.

So unless you’re rich, you work 24/7 and have five jobs, you just received a big inheritance, or your Mommy and Daddy are going to pay for it, come next May, you won’t be in Spain.

Here are five things that you CAN do instead of going on the 5th Backstreet Boys cruise and going into debt (even more than you already are – damn platinum VIPs!)

Emotional torture scenes brought to you by Taylor Alison Swift.

1. Meet up with all of your BSB BFF’s and plan a trip

Sure, this trip won’t include Nick shoving some weird vodka/Red Bull mixture from a water bottle down your throat, but it will include you and your best Backstreet friends having fun together without the boys. Because really, the friends is what makes it fun. Besides, you know, Kevin’s dancing. Wait… don’t think about the dancing.


2. Stay offline and have a BSB DVD weekend

You keep your DSL/Cable internet router-whatever plugged up, but block Twitter from your laptop. Stop the messages coming from the Backstreet Boys Twitter account because you know they will tweet. Grab your DVDs or hey, VHS’, and have a Backstreet Boys DVD weekend. And if you’re feeling feisty, watch some New Kids on the Block. But make sure you turn your Twitter notifications off because…. if Eddie gets to tweeting from the BSB account…



3. Buy coffee for 1,500 days

For the price of the cruise and all that goes with it, you could buy coffee every day for a little over four years. Nick…. Four years of coffee. Kevin…. drinking four years worth of coffee during May 2016 because you’re not on the cruise. Don’t drink it all at once.


4. Go to other concerts

Go see the artist that you love besides the Backstreet Boys. Go see Taylor Swift (logical choice here) or Garth Brooks. Ed Sheeran is doing a lot dates in North America this year. He does a great job at mixing older songs with his songs and uses “Everybody”… oh… wait…

5. VIP. VIP. VIP. V-I-Freakin’-P

Think of all the VIP you can do if you save the money you would spend on the cruise. You could do Platinum VIP for at least six or seven concerts on the next tour, plus some Gold and Silver VIP thrown up in there. And don’t forget the After Parties. We can’t forget the after parties. And the dancing with Kevin.


Yeah, it’s time that Europe got their turn. Yadda, Yadda. Doesn’t mean us spoiled Americans and Canadians can’t be a little bitter. We hope you enjoy the cruise everybody that books it when it goes on sale.

5 things you can do instead of going into debt over the 5th @BackstreetBoys cruise




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  1. Just imagine, thats what us Europeans paid all those previous years.
    Guess its our turn now for a cheaper cruise. Lol

  2. Joanne Karsten…. Oef.. Won ik de loterij maar… Europa cruise…

  3. I live in Barcelona but it’s too expensive for me… so sad! but well, there will be more concerts, more afterparties, more VIP… I try to convence myself that isn’t so bad!!!! 🙁 ALWAYS FANATIC but not rich!

  4. Probably more expensive cause its not Carnival cruises. But i looked at the cheapest ones and 800+ 300 fees isnt that bad at all

  5. Many Europeans paid for the last 4 cruises and many of them made it, they had to save thousands of dollars to get flights to cross the pound (super expensive), hotels, cruise etc, so for once we have the cruise in Europe, those people who didn’t think about us when it was the other way, now understand what we had to go through cause we never got the chance of a cruise here. Let’s all be a little bit more supportive now that you understand how it feels when you have to cross the world just to get the chance to go on a cruise with them 😉

  6. But since I can’t go I’m going to take your advice I’m going to turn my twitter thing off

  7. Dead!!! Leticia Ramos, Ivina Késsia Cabral, Iris de Cássia, Lígia Fernanda, Kelly Brandão

  8. Nancy says:

    Love the list and Danielle & I will need to do this together!

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