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Updated 11/18/20 @ 9 p.m. – The Pink Crocodile is SAFE and moves on to the Final Six! We’ve added the clues, clue video and the performance!

Yes, you read that right. Twitter blew up Wednesday night when Fox’s show “The Masked Singer” came on and one crocodile started singing Bon Jovi.

And I personally think it’s Nick Carter. 

The voice is very raspy, much like “Now or Never” Nick, especially when he was on that tour performing live. And if you listen to several words he says, like “ever” and “forever.” I mean, COME ON. For a minute I questioned myself, but came back to my computer and Twitter was blowing up. 

Plus the clues!

  • Tease
    • During the tease episode, the Croc says that a special set of keys reversed his game forever? The Florida keys? Nick proposed to Lauren in the Keys.
  • Week 1 Clues
    • He’s going to croon and make you swoon – heartthrob
    • Yellow slide = His part in “Edward Scissorhands”
    • Turbulent childhood – We all know this
    • Growing up in Hollywood (aka spotlight)
    • Italian flag (he recently found out his dad was part Italian)
    • Fish and a pineapple – He wanted pineapple fish on “Tanked”
    • Croc’s have a bad reputation, but he’s really a softy – allegations
    • Las Vegas hotel – He lives in Vegas and the Vegas residency
    • Rainbow in the background – both Odin and Saoirse are rainbow babies
  • Week 2 Clues
    • American Flag = “All American”
    • Pirate Flag = Tampa Bay Bucs (but could also be his tattoo)
    • 5 on the house = 5 = BSB or 5 Carter kids
    • Oranges = Orlando is Orange County
    • Mirrorball in living room = Dancing With The Stars
    • Story about singing on a tree stump in the backyard – it’s in his book
    • Story about the $100 – in his book on page 58.
    • Piñata – his wife is part Mexican
    • Dolphins – he was a charity ambassador and loves them
    • Hairspray – for his iconic hairstyle
  • Week 3 Clues:
    • 100 Hour World Tour – Six continents
    • airplane – 100 hours world tour
    • Surprise guest: JoJo Wright
    • Boat = Power Boat Racing
    • Step By Step = NKOTBSB
    • House of Cards = House of Carters
    • Cult Classic = Edward Scissorhands
    • 130,000,000 on lottery ticket = Albums sold
    • Video games = PopKidNick
    • Gold Record = He has Gold Records

During the tease episode, the Croc says that a special set of keys reversed his game forever? The Florida keys? Nick proposed to Lauren in the Keys.

What do you guys think?

This post will be updated each time the Crocodile performs until we are proven right or wrong. LOL!

Week 1:


Week 2 Performance, Clues & Guesses

Week 3 Guesses & Performance:

News: Could @NickCarter be on The Masked Singer? (Updated 11/18 @ 9 p.m.)




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  1. Kristi A says:

    Oh that has got to be him! But what are the frog and tic tac toe clues? 🤷‍♀️That voice… If it’s not him, I’m going to be questioning everything 🤣

  2. Maria Flygare says:

    That is Nick for sure! You heard it straight away.

  3. Michelle Karnes says:

    I was screaming at the TV That’s Nick !!

  4. Yes!!! It does sound just like Now or Never Nick, which makes sense that he sang Bon Jovi’s It’s my Life. It has the lyrics, “It’s now or never, I ain’t gonna live forever…”

  5. Bruce Sellhausen says:

    For sure Nick Carter from the BSB.

  6. Sam Nellies says:

    It’s definitely Nick

  7. TGilbs says:

    The 5 on the house represents when Nick and his siblings all lived together in House of Carters, not that there’s 5 BSB’s. lol

    • Karah says:

      Crap, I thought I added both. Yes, there’s five Carter kids between Jane and Bob.

      Honestly, the five could go with either. There’s no wrong answer here when there’s a connection to Nick. Like the skull and crossbones, could be for the Bucs, could be for his tattoo.

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