Nick Carter to be featured on new song “So Sweet” in collab with Rocket Music

by | May 2, 2024 | Nick Carter | 0 comments

We get new Nick Carter music on Saturday, May 4th, although it’s a little different than his usual tunes.

Nick, in a collaboration with Rockit Music, will be featured on a song called “So Sweet” that is a part of “The Amazing Digital Circus” show.

The Amazing Digital Circus is an independent, animated web series by Glitch Productions. It follows a group of humans who attempt to maintain their sanity after becoming trapped inside a circus-themed virtual reality game.

Rockit Music is known for creating music for video games (as we know, that’s right up Nick’s alley), but this time it’s for the show.

Check out videos from The Amazing Digital Circus below and stay tuned for streaming parties this weekend!

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