McLean’s ‘Electric’ A High-Voltage Anthem for Dancefloors Everywhere

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First and foremost, I have to express my pride in AJ, AKA ‘Alex’, AKA ‘Alexander James’, for being his authentic self. There is no question that he has had many ups and downs in his life, and even recently, but the work he has put into being who he really and truly is in an effort to find real happiness has been remarkable and inspirational. Recently, McLean, most often known as “AJ” to his fans, has opted to use his proper name “Alexander James” or “Alex” for short, as a way of really celebrating who he is at his core. His ability to acknowledge “AJ” as a stage persona, and “Alex” as his personal self, has led to an interesting adjustment in how he views himself. After so many years, it really feels like he’s finally embracing all of his amazing self, and that shows in his work. 

Of course, McLean is and always will be an entertainer. His newest song, “Electric”, is not necessarily intended to be about his self-expression or journey, but just the fact that he is releasing new music within the genre that he is best suited for and making music videos to show off ‘just having fun’ is enough to make an OG fan beam with pride and joy. McLean has consistently proven himself as a dynamic and versatile artist, both through his work with his iconic boyband, “Backstreet Boys”, and through his solo ventures into country music, R&B, Soul, and of course, pop music. This pop/EDM type vibe that the new release has is perfect for McLean’s personality and voice style.

“Electric” is a sonic powerhouse that pulsates with an irresistible dance beat from start to finish. From the moment the music begins, listeners are enveloped in a wave of electrifying energy that sweeps them off their feet and transports them to the center of the dancefloor. The driving rhythm propels the song forward with an infectious momentum, inviting listeners to let loose and embrace the euphoria of the moment.  The official music video further cements this vibe, with McLean in a skating rink just enjoying life, and moving to the beat. Since then, he even put out a dance video showcasing his moves on the dance floor. It’s hard not to smile watching either of these videos because it is so clear that McLean is just putting himself out there and loving life. 

One of the standout features of “Electric” is its impeccable production quality, which seamlessly blends elements of electronic dance music with McLean’s signature pop sound. The result is a track that feels both modern and timeless, appealing to fans of various musical genres. Each layer of instrumentation is meticulously crafted to create a rich and immersive sonic landscape, with pulsating synths, thumping basslines, and crisp percussion driving the song forward with relentless intensity. These beats get stuck in your head, leading you to constant movement through your own dance moves as you move through your typical day.

As with any song, one cannot skip over the lyrics. “Electric”, co-written by McLean, is captivating and relatable, taking the listener on a journey through what it feels like to meet someone who brings you a jolt of energy and a desire for connection. McLean’s songwriting prowess is on full display here, as he delivers verses that are equal parts playful and profound. Lines like “You’re like a lightning bolt, striking me down / Every time you come around” resonate with listeners on a visceral level, capturing the exhilarating rush of falling head over heels for someone special. It’s a testament to McLean’s ability to craft lyrics that are both catchy and meaningful, elevating “Electric” from a simple dance track to a poignant anthem for love and desire.

Of course, no discussion of “Electric” would be complete without mentioning McLean’s powerhouse vocals, which are as impressive as ever. His voice soars effortlessly over the pulsating beat, delivering each lyric with a combination of passion and precision that is truly captivating to behold. Whether he’s belting out the anthemic chorus or delivering a soulful verse, McLean’s vocals are the driving force behind the song’s undeniable charisma and charm. 

All in all, McLean’s latest track, “Electric” is a surefire mood lifter, guaranteeing to get listeners on their feet and grooving along. With its infectious dance beat, catchy lyrics, and powerhouse vocals, it’s a track that demands to be heard – and danced to – on repeat. McLean’s signature vocals shine through, delivering the lyrics with charisma and energy, making it impossible not to sing along. Whether you’re looking for the perfect song to kickstart your weekend festivities or simply in need of a pick-me-up during your daily commute, “Electric” delivers the perfect dose of musical energy to brighten your day and lift your spirits. So crank up the volume, hit the dancefloor, and let the electrifying sounds of Alexander James “AJ” McLean sweep you away on a sonic adventure you won’t soon forget.

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