Nick Carter Caps off Year with New Single

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Nick Carter dropped his newest single “Never Break My Heart (Not Again)” to all streaming platforms this New Years Eve. The song, written and produced with Vic “Billboard Killer” Martin and Vinny Venditto, is reminiscent of Carter’s “I’m Taking Off” album, where many of the songs were upbeat club-type anthems that would make you get up and dance. This song is no different.

The song itself is a view into a painful relationship and a peak into what the writer is feeling as they look back on their experience. The lyrics are clever and the timing of the vocals, switching from slow to fast paced, adds a crisp sound and keeps the listener engaged. The music is unique in the way it builds and then spontaneously switches gears, again keeping the listener interested.

Lyrically, Carter sings about a love story gone wrong. At first listen, the song is sad, almost timid. He is wondering how he let this person treat him so wrong, somehow accepting that he was to blame because he allowed it. He sings of an understanding that they were never meant to be anyway. But when the chorus drops, it’s clear the anger has set in.

To emphasize the anger, we hear a raspy, gravelly voice that bleeds pain and frustration on parts of the chorus. We know that Nick is an incredibly talented vocalist and can sing like a chameleon, moving from soft to loud, gentle to strong in a heartbeat. He shows this off well within this song, as his voice jumps from sound to sound throughout the verses. Nick takes the song from deep and raspy to high falsetto notes that show off his vocal range beautifully.

Musically, the song is all over the place, and in the best way. It begins with a mellow intro using beautiful strings and piano. Once the beat drops in and Nick begins to sing, the song is quickly transformed with a heavy and fast drum beat. The sound is catchy and melodic, even with the speed changes which add a unique quality to the music.

As the song progresses, there is a surprising addition of a few bass riffs that seemingly come out of left field, but somehow also work perfectly with the feeling of the song. The bass adds depth and emotion to the song, fitting in well with the lyrics. Another surprise is an early bridge which comes in between the first and second verse, again switching up the flow of the song, before returning to an earlier beat. Nick’s vocals take the listener on an emotional journey from sad, to angry, to frustrated, to resigned and back again, aided perfectly by the instrumentation and music. The audience can feel the pain of this broken relationship just by listening.

Overall, this song is a 10. This is the sound that Carter does best, with the diversity of his voice and the feelings that the song emotes, he shines on this one. His vocal range, the different tones of his voice, and the story he tells with the lyrics are unforgettable. The song is absolutely worth a listen (or several)!

Check out the new song #NeverBreakMyHeart on all streaming platforms! And here are a few playlists which feature Carter’s music, including this amazing new song:

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