Nick Carter Who I Am Tour Interviews

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Nick Carter’s Who I Am tour officially kicked off last week in Lexington, KY. The tour features a setlist including hits from the Backstreet Boys, solo music, and covers of songs by other artists. Unlike the Backstreet Boys tours, Nick’s solo tours are a chance to see him perform in a smaller setting. They also give Nick the chance to show who he is outside of the group.

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As Nick prepared for his tour he went live on Instagram from rehearsals several weeks ago. He also live streamed on Instagram and TikTok during his show in Nashville on October 7th. You can watch those over on his YouTube channel.

Nick recently has done interviews discussing what his tour will be like. He also talks about the Backstreet Boys, family, and his kids.

ABC 7 Sarasota, FL
Mike Calta Show – You can find Nick’s interview by scrolling down the page on the show’s website.
Cheddar News

WWAY 3 News Wilmington, NC

Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend

WKMG 6 News Orlando

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