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Ever wonder what it was like to eat with a Backstreet Boy, or hang out with one outside of a show? Howie Eatz, is an event that gives you that and more. On Saturday night, I had the opportunity to attend Howie’s event after the FanX Salt Lake City con at The Locker Room. This event was everything we could want. When we checked in at 7:30 PM we were greeted by Please & Thank You staff member Jessica, and given a bracelet to wear for the night. The venue had decorations around the outdoor patio, and balloons for a photo opportunity with Howie, and heaters, for those who were cold. There were some appetizers out and a welcome champagne drink for each person in attendance. Once everyone arrived, Howie soon came in and greeted about 20 of us including Bodyguard Doug! Howie starts all of his events with a welcome speech and shares the origin story, which seems to go back to the fans and friends/family asking him about local places to eat! He grew up spending time around the table with his parents of diverse ethnic backgrounds and found a love for food! 

First, Howie did a mixology demonstration of some fun non-alcoholic purple drink with cotton candy with the bartender Don. It was supposed to be a race, but it was all in good fun! He even shared some of the drinks with fans.  

Next, Howie then came around to about 6 tables of fans and gave us each some personal attention. Luckily, my table was the first one he came around to. I was there by myself, but knew a few other fans in attendance. I ended up meeting a fan who is friends with some of my other friends, so it was fun to make that connection! Another girl, was a younger fan who had never met any of BSB and was just so excited to see Howie. Funny enough my experience was exactly what Howie is looking to do with these events, create new opportunities for fans to meet and ‘break bread’ and spend a little time with him too! He also gave each person an opportunity to ask him questions. 

Once he spoke with everyone, we had an opportunity to take some fun pictures at the balloon display ala prom style if we wanted. It was fun, and there were a lot of laughs. He mingled a bit with fans and said farewell before he had to catch his ride to go home, he had to go back home to his full time job on Monday morning, as dad! 

This was a great intimate environment to chat with Howie, do shots, share stories, and eat some wings and flatbread, but no GOAT CHEESE, right Howie  😉 ! 

Thanks again Howie for taking the time to come and meet all the fans at the con and do a special event in SLC! 

Til the next time we eatz! 

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