Are you going to see @NickCarter’s Who I Am Tour?

by | Sep 1, 2023 | Contest, Nick Carter, Tour Dates

You have probably heard by now that Mr. Nick Carter is hitting the road for a few weeks for what he is calling the “Who I Am” Tour. Starting in Lexington, Kentucky, Nick is hitting most southern states – Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virgina, and Florida!

One cool thing Nick is doing on this tour is covering some of his favorite songs from his childhood and teenage years, such as Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World,” while singing some of his solo music.

He’ll also be singing his new single, “Superman.”

Do you have your tickets and VIP yet? Click HERE to get your tickets and VIP now.

But wait …

Going to the Athens, Ga., or Irmo, SC., shows? Click HERE to get your tickets and be sure to enter the contest on the linktree to win $250!

AND … (I know, we sound like a game show), send me your receipt at [email protected] to be entered to win a Nick Carter Army (much like the BSB Army logo he loves) hoodie or T-Shirt!


  1. Julie McIntyre

    Wish he was coming to Minnesota. Between nick and the Backstreet Boys they never come to Minnesota.

  2. Karin lucinda tear

    I’m so gutted I don’t live in America, that’s one thing that makes me sad that I can’t meet Nick, even last year when Nick the boys were in London November 5th day after Aaron was found dead and nick was sobbing his heart out, it even made me and my dad cry cos we felt his pain that night and all I wanted to do was run down them stairs and jump on stage to give Nick a big cuddle, but obviously if I did that I would’ve got chucked out of the o2 arena, and before I went to see the backstreet boys for the last leg of the dna tour I was in intensive care unit in a coma as I had sepsis pneumonia and meningitis and ketone acidosis and I died 3 times but god must’ve been there with me that day cos with out god I don’t think I would’ve survived and while I was in a coma for 2-3 weeks everyday my dad and sister played backstreet boys music down my ear in the hope that it would tell my body to wake up, and some how I came straight round but I was Hallucinating extremely bad, but the best part of the hallucinating was that nick and Lauren looked after me and got me into good health and I stayed at nicks how’s in Las Vegas and they had there very own doctors, they took me out of hospital because no one would allow me to recuperate quietly and I need dark and quietness and I got that at nicks house as the bedroom I was in was sound proof so I couldn’t hear anything so I could heal, then when I started to get better nick and Lauren introduced me to Odin saoirse and Pearl now a lot of you are going to think what the f*** how can I imagine that, and all I can say is that I couldn’t understand it my self and until this day now I still can’t understand I had such a an outta body experience if you’d want to call it like that, and all I have ever wanted is to meet Nick, but being special needs person with adhd autism anxiety depression and depression bipolar disorder I’m 12% Down syndrome behavioural and emotional difficulties and the thinking part of my brain has been permanently damaged my bottom parts of my lung has been damaged I have fibromyalgia which causes me to be in agony from top to bottom in pain every single day and night there is no escaping the pain as there is nothing the doctors can do for me, now please tell me if my life is absolutely f****d up or is it just me, Nick saved my life with his presence voice and the backstreet boys music and my connection with nick is so different to you girls but I can’t explain it to you, and I think that only nick and the backstreet boys will understand, and I pray every single day and night that maybe one day I will be standing in front of Nick feeling his arms rapped around me and my head leaning on his chest and having that closeness with him and I sent Nick a letter on his private messages but I don’t know if he ever received it though I just need help with at least trying to help my dream come true and I love you all and @nickcarter


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