Nick Carter’s “Superman” Music Video

by | Aug 30, 2023 | Nick Carter, Solo Music | 0 comments

By now you probably heard that Nick Carter released a new single called “Superman.” The music video was just released last Friday, August 25. The song is a taste of what’s to come with his upcoming solo album. Prior to the release Nick teased the video by posting clips to his social media where he was seen fixing up a home. Those clips all made sense once the video was released. Nick is also seen playing the guitar in the music video which he hasn’t done in a while. The video is a simple one and it fits with the song.

Currently Nick’s video has been viewed 78,448 times. Over on Spotify the song has been streamed 58,495 times. We don’t have numbers for other platforms, but continue streaming wherever you listen to music. Want to know how you can help with streaming? Go to our streaming guide.

Update September 11 – The video has been viewed 282,260 times now! Keep watching and don’t forget to check the streaming guide for new info regarding YouTube. Let’s get it to 300K views.

Did you know that Nick is going on tour this October? Get all the details of his Who I Am tour at

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