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Happy Birthday Howie D – Chat with Pollyanna

by | Aug 22, 2023 | Howie Dorough, Interviews | 0 comments

Lordy Lordy…

What’s that saying? Lordy lordy look who’s 40? But wait…that one won’t work here because, Howie isn’t turning 40. Nope Howie is 50 today! Is anyone else’s mind blown like mine? I mean…is he Benjamin Button? Did he tap into the fountain of youth? Whatever he’s doing he sure is ageing like a fine wine. 

I had the pleasure of sitting down to talk with Howie’s sister Pollyanna the other night and ask her a few questions. 

Melly: What is Howie’s favorite food? Second part is what does he always ask for at family get togethers? 

Pollyanna: Howie’s favorite foods are in no particular order; Japanese steakhouse food like, Teppanyaki. Korean Barbeque, Brazilian Barbeque and anything Spanish. As for what he always asks for at family gatherings, he has two favorites here. Roast mojo pork with Spanish rice and beans or Pork chops, collard greens with flat skillet cornbread. 

Melly: What are you more proud of him for? 

Pollyanna: I am most proud of him for maintaining his faith and keeping God in his life. Even out on tours he’s always finding time to attend church. I’m also most proud of him for not giving up in those early Backstreet Boy days. It wasn’t always easy and there were times he wanted to quit, but he stuck it out and didn’t. Howard is not a quitter. 

Melly: What is your favorite Backstreet Boys song? Favorite solo song? 

Pollyanna: Right now my favorite Backstreet song is Last Christmas and my favorite solo song is one that Howie wrote called, Free From Within. I recorded it on my solo album Wings of Hope. 

Melly: One thing that you wish you did more of? 

Pollyanna: I really wish we did more singing and writing together. 

Melly: One piece of advice you would give Howie? 

Pollyanna: To be careful in life. Always remember that, God giveth and God taketh away. 

Melly: If you could describe Howie as a color what color would he be? 

Pollyanna: Purple (We would agree on this one too!)

Melly: What is Howie’s most annoying habit? 

Pollyanna: He has a hard time making up his mind. 

Melly: Favorite childhood memory?

Pollyanna: My favorite childhood memory is one time when I took Howie along to sing with me. We were at a ‘folk’ mass at church. I was 18 years old and Howie was about 7 years old. I was singing and playing guitar and Howie was singing along with me.  We were at the end of the song and Howie held the note a little longer than the rest of us. He just kept going and going. 

Melly: Your favorite thing about Howie?

Pollyanna: He has a good heart and a gentle soul. I often call him a little lamb. 

What a pleasure it was to be able to sit and talk with Pollyanna and learn a little bit more about Howie on his 50th birthday. 50! Wow…we’re a little bit thrown back by the fact that he’s 50 today. 

We hope that you know Howie how loved and appreciated you are and we’re so happy that you didn’t quit and kept going when things got tough in those early BSB days. 

So Happy Birthday Howie! Enjoy today and celebrate, you! You know we are!