Celebrating #BSB30 All Month Long

by | Mar 20, 2023 | #BSB30, Backstreet Boys | 0 comments

Can you believe we are THIRTY DAYS away from #BSB30? I’m not sure anyone expected, 29 years ago, that this day would come. But this is a true testament to the talent, brotherhood, and passion that these boys have had for their music, each other, and their fans.  And truly, after 30 years, these boys have never looked better. Their bond shines through and shows every time they are on stage together, and often even when they are off stage together.

To celebrate this amazing milestone, BSBFangirls will be posting content, both new and classic, each day leading up to the big anniversary.  We want to relive their history from 1993 until the present day.  We’ve got all their music videos, in order of favorites as voted on by fans.  We’re bringing back video clips from past events that you may remember well, or may not have ever seen before. 

We’ll hear from fans, new and old, about their memories, experiences, and thoughts on the boys, their music, and all things backstreet.  And there may be a few added surprises thrown in as well.

We hope you’ll celebrate along with us as we journey through 30 years of Backstreet.

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