Happy Birthday @KevinRichardson: 5 Times Your Eyebrows were majestic

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While Kevin RIchardson is a Libra king, a magical man who can sing with the voice of an angel, there’s something else distinctive about him that the other Backstreet Boys don’t have – well they do have, not not as much.

Majestic eyebrows.

To celebrate Kevin Scott Richardson’s birthday today, we are looking back at five times his eyebrows were majestic and owned us.

1. Just Want You To Know music video

Just look at how distinctive they are with this outfit and the eye makeup just brings them out even more. God, Kevin knows how to work those eybrows.

2. Get Down music video

We have young Kevin, with his Caesar haircut, dancing a jig in a huge disco ball. Somehow the haircut brings the eyebrows out more, which is amazing.

3. I Want It That Way music video

Besides this being one of the most iconic music videos of all time, it’s iconic because how perfect the eyebrows are here. Not only is Kevin’s voice, again, showcased here with his solo before Howie puts a finger in the air, his eyebrows are front and center.

4. Chances music video

The “Chances” music video gives Kevin’s eyebrows a pensive look, of anger and lust all at the same time. Look at how they move on that high note Kevin hits. Yaass, Kevin, Yaaas!

5. Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely music video

Kevin’s eyebrows were on full effect for one of the group’s most emotional music videos. Wish a simple nod, his eyebrows let Howie know it’s time to go.


Kevin’s eyebrows have been the butt of jokes from the other guys, by calling them caterpillars and more, but to fans … they are as magical as the horn on a unicorn.

Happy birthday, Kevin, to you and your eyebrows that we love so dearly!

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