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Can you believe we are just months away from the Backstreet Boys 30th anniversary in April, 2023?  As you likely know, the Backstreet Boys were famous overseas well before they gained fame in the U.S.  Thankfully, the US came to their senses and embraced the boys with “Quit Playin’ Games (With My Heart)” bleeding down into the states from Canada (Thanks Canada!).  

This week marks the 25th anniversary of the Backstreet Boys US debut album, self titled Backstreet Boys.  Backstreet’s Back was released on August 11, 1997, while Backstreet Boys was released the next day on August 12, 1997. About the same time, BSB released their sophomore album abroad, appropriately titled, Backstreet’s Back.  

To honor 25 years with these albums, we asked you to rank all the songs on both Backstreet Boys and Backstreet’s Back.  Here are the results from almost 1,000 votes, and some Fangirls opinions on them as well! 

Note: There are more than 12 songs, but several had ties, even with a four-way tie for four songs.

12. Darlin’ (Backstreet Boys US)

Aimes: Not gonna lie…this one is not my favorite, obviously since it’s my lowest ranked.  Looks like the fandom agreed with me…I did appreciate the short run it had at the Vegas Residency (any live BSB performance is gonna be worth it), but it’s a regular skip for me…Good thing they have PLENTY more that I love.

Karah: I just like hearing Nick sing “Darlinnnnnnnnnn”  

Fan Ranking: #17
Aimes’ Rank: #18
Karah’s Rank: #13
Melly’s Rank: #18
Emilia’s Rank: #13

11. Missing You (Backstreet’s Back)

Aimes: Honestly, I sometimes forget about this song.  Somehow it’s stayed off most of my playlists.   When listening to it, I realize I do enjoy it, but it hasn’t been as memorable as most of their other songs for me.  

Karah: I like that Nick sings it, but it’s just not a favorite.

Fan Ranking: #11 – (Tied)
Aimes’ Rank: #14
Karah’s Rank: #14
Melly’s Rank: #16
Emilia’s Rank: #18

11. Set Adrift on Memory’s Bliss (Backstreet Boys US/Backstreet’s Back)

Aimes: I go in waves on this song for some reason.  Sometimes I absolutely love it and other times I’m ok moving quickly past it.  Right now, I’m in a love mode.  I love the harmonies they do and the mellow feel to the song.

Karah: This song always makes me want to watch “The Wedding Singer.” 

Melly: This is a love it or hate it one for me. 

Fan Ranking: #11 – (Tied)
Aimes’ Rank :#8
Karah’s Rank #16
Melly’s Rank: #18
Emilia’s Rank: #15

10. That’s What She Said (Backstreet’s Back)

Aimes: I love the soft melody and strings on this song.  Brian wrote this one about a former relationship and he really did pour his feelings out on this one. I personally would place this way higher than the fandom did, just because it was such a heartfelt song.  

Karah: “The Office” and Michael Scott turned this song into a whole other meaning and honestly, I like that meaning better. #ThatsWhatSheSaid 

Fan Ranking #10 (Tied)
Aimes Rank #6
Karah’s Rank: #15
Melly’s Rank: #18
Emilia’s Rank: #16

10. If I Don’t Have You (Backstreet’s Back)

Aimes: I still remember the performance they gave of this song (mashed up with I’ll Never Break Your Heart) at their acoustic show, which turned into a VHS/DVD.  As a teenager, I used to put that video on almost every night and drift off to sleep with their voices in the background.  They sound amazing on this song!

Karah: I wish we got to see this song more and I would probably be more of a fan, but I do love Nick’s verse. 

Fan Ranking: #10 (Tied)
Aimes’ Rank: #9
Karah’s Rank: #12
Melly’s Rank: #13
Emilia’s Rank: #11

9. I’ll Never Break Your Heart (Backstreet Boys US)

Aimes: Classic Backstreet.  This song has 2 videos and although I’m partial to the newer one (released when this was a US single), I do love seeing the old school boys in the snow. 

Karah: Out of the singles on these albums, this is probably my least favorite. Though Kevin and Nick are snacks in the ‘98 music video.

Melly: Although I’m kind of over this one, it’s the nostalgia for me. 

Fan Ranking: #9
Aimes’ Rank: #12
Karah’s Rank: #10
Melly’s Rank: #10
Emilia’s Rank: #12

8. Anywhere for You (Backstreet Boys US)

Aimes: This one was low on my list, although I appreciated the short run this song had in Vegas.  I do like the video because it’s always fun to see all the BSB baby faces from way back when and to see the earlier work.  

Karah: I do love this song, even though it’s completely cheesy. 

Melly: This might be one of my favorites of this time. I think…

Fan Ranking: #8 (Tied)
Aimes’ Rank: #17
Karah’s Rank: #11
Melly’s Rank: #9
Emilia’s Rank: #14

8. Like a Child (Backstreet’s Back)

Aimes: I debated putting this one above 10,000 promises but everything I said for that song goes for this one too.  I love this song so much and wish it had made it to the US release.  Fingers crossed I can see it live someday! I think the only reason it is so low in the fandom is that it was never released in the US. In my humble opinion, it really should be way higher!

Karah: Such a good song! The backing music on the rendition from “A Night Out,” mixed with this voices … perfection!

Fan Ranking: #8 (Tied)
Aimes’ Rank: #4
Karah’s Rank: #9
Melly’s Rank: #10 
Emilia’s Rank: #10

8. All I Have to Give (Backstreet Boys US/Backstreet’s Back)

Aimes: This song is still in my top 5 of all Backstreet Boys songs.  I love that all the boys get to sing lead on it (kind of…Kevin’s 7 words leave me wanting more).  It is a classic BSB love song from the early days-the boys yearning for the one they love, trying to steal them away from some chump making her cry.  And seeing it live is always a treat, especially with those hats pulled down over their eyes. I have to say, I’m shocked this is so low on the fandom’s list because it still hits hard for me! This one was a hit single all over the world with a fun video to go along with it:

Karah: You can’t go wrong with this song. I wanted to rank it higher, but then I kept changing it because I saw the other songs. There’s so many good songs on these albums that it’s really hard to pick. But sometimes when I sing, I feel like it’s still going to cut off when AJ starts to sing like on the VHS cassette where they showed a tease to it. 

Melly: I mean…it ranks here for me for obvious reasons. Howie…

Fan Ranking: #8 (Tied)
Aimes’ Rank: #2
Karah’s Rank: #8
Melly’s Rank: #8
Emilia’s Rank: #6

7. Get Down (You’re the One for Me) (Backstreet Boys US)

Aimes: Another fan favorite, this one is still in their shows today.  Get Down was a single abroad, but not in the US.  Luckily, we can still watch the video on the internet so we can watch those dance moves that they continue to use in their shows.  

Karah: If you don’t like this song, especially live, you are just dead inside. 

Melly: This song changed for me after Vegas. That’s all I’m gonna say about that. 

Fan Ranking: #7 (Tied)
Aimes’ Rank: #11
Karah’s Rank: #7
Melly’s Rank: #5
Emilia’s Rank: #7

7. We’ve Got it Goin’ On (Backstreet Boys US)

Aimes: This well known song was the boys very first single both in the US, and abroad.  Unfortunately it didn’t do well in the US, peaking at #69 on the dance charts.  Fortunately, it hit big in Europe and allowed the boys to get their feet wet from success before the worldwide fame came.  This is still one of their signature songs and one they include in all their shows. It always brings the energy!

Karah: This is definitely in the Top 5 from songs from these albums – regardless of the fact that it was their very first single. The song is a jam, it’s great whether you are listening in your car or you’re watching Nick in front of you grinding.

Fan Ranking: #7 (Tied)
Aimes’ Rank: #5
Karah’s Rank: #5
Melly’s Rank: #6
Emilia’s Rank: #4

6. Quit Playin’ Games (With my Heart) (Backstreet Boys US)

Aimes: This one has climbed in the rankings for me…that could be due to the special Nick love in Vegas during this song…either way, it’s a hit.  This was the song that broke BSB in the US and that alone makes it a favorite for me.  Of course, there’s also the video, which definitely turns heads: 

Karah: You can’t be a Backstreet Boys fan and not have this in your Top 10.

Melly: I love this one and then I get tired of it. It’s a weird one for me. 

Fan Ranking: #6
Aimes’ Rank: #7
Karah’s Rank: #6
Melly’s Rank: #7
Emilia’s Rank: #5

5. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) (Backstreet Boys US/Backstreet’s Back) – Tie

Aimes: While most would argue this one should be higher, as an avid fan, I have to admit I’ve heard my share of this one, which is why I have it ranked as #13…It’s still a great song and one that will always hold a special place in my heart.  However, it is overused, often as a punchline, and that takes away from the song for me. The fandom seems to disagree, which is totally fair given that this is an iconic song that everyone continues to quote to this day.

The video is still a classic though: 

Karah: It really doesn’t matter if there are songs with better lyrics on these two albums – this song is a classic. It will always be a classic and it should be #1.

Melly: This is another over played and over used and over it one for me. While I do love it and I love the nostalgia behind it…I’m kind of over it. 

Fan Ranking: #5 (Tied)
Aimes’ Rank: #13
Karah’s Rank: #1
Melly’s Rank: #12
Emilia’s Rank #1

5. 10,000 Promises (Backstreet’s Back) – Tie

Aimes: What I wouldn’t give to see this song live again.  I got lucky once…don’t think it’ll happen again.  But this song just speaks to me for some reason.  I LOVE the melody and the way the boys sing it just bleeds so much emotion. It really deserved a bigger break than what it got! Hopefully it will find its way to a setlist someday!

Karah: This is one of their most perfect songs – the lyrics, the melody, the range, the EVERYTHING. 

Fan Ranking #5 (Tied)
Aimes Rank #3
Karah’s Rank: #3
Melly’s Rank: #7
Emilia’s Rank: #3

4. As Long As You Love Me (Backstreet Boys US/Backstreet’s Back)

Aimes: I still remember seeing the video for this song for the first time.  The way the boys morph into one another weirded me out, but it was fun and different for them.  I’ve since been to the set (the outside, the place is closed), which is kind of a fun memory as well.

Karah: I’m gonna be honest – Nick makes this song. Whether it’s his opening lines, or just the way he performs it, my eyes never leave him when he’s performing live. 

Fan Ranking: #4
Aimes’ Rank: #10
Karah’s Rank: #9
Melly’s Rank: #10
Emilia’s Rank: #9

3. Hey Mr. DJ (Keep Playin’ this Song for Me) (Backstreet Boys US/Backstreet’s Back)

Aimes: This song will forever remind me of the Orlando show that became the VHS (DVD in later years) that I actually saw for the first time on Pay Per View way back in the day.  I remember AJ adlibbing some fun moments while the rest of the boys jumped around on stage to the song.  It does have a fun beat and is very different from most of what the boys have put out. My ranking deviated quite a bit from the fandom, but I get why it is so high!

Karah: I’ll be honest – if it wasn’t for the other three songs – this would be #1. This song is MY JAM. Getting to see AJ sing this at an after party in Pittsburgh in 2019 was by far one of my favorite memories and to have him thrust in my face, just like in that Orlando Homecoming concert made me fangirl just a little. Okay, a lot. 

Fan Ranking: #3
Aimes’ Rank: #15
Karah’s Rank: #4
Melly’s Rank: #13
Emilia’s Rank: #8

2. If You Want it to be Good Girl (Get Yourself a Bad Boy) (Backstreet Boys US/Backstreet’s Back)

Aimes: Ok, ok…I know the boys themselves would certainly put this WAY lower on the list, but honestly, it’s got some good qualities!  The funky beat and baby Nick voice give it a very different feel when compared to just about anything else the boys have put out.  And given the ongoing fan vs BSB clash on this one, I’m not entirely surprised the fandom ranked it so high!  My personal rank was much lower, but still higher than the boys would have placed it!

Karah: As much as the boys hate it (minus Nick) and some fans hate it, we can’t help but love it. It’s my Top 10 from these albums and I’m not ashamed of it. 

Fan Ranking: #2
Karah’s Rank: #10
Aimes’ Rank: #16
Melly’s Rank: #15
Emilia’s Rank: #17

1. That’s the Way I Like It (Backstreet’s Back)

Aimes: The fact that the boys did not include this on the US album release is criminal.  This song is HOT.  Like burn-you-in-the-winter hot. There is no surprise this one is ranked the highest by the fandom and I absolutely agree. I remember seeing this song live in Vegas (after years of never seeing it at all) and holy hell it’s so good.  Even Nick admits it’s hot…check out this clip of the boys on their cruise singing it:

Karah: This song should have a single. It should have been on the US version. They should never take this song out of their setlist again and that’s the way I like it. 

Fan Ranking: #1
Aimes’ Rank: #1
Karah’s Rank: #2
Melly’s Rank: #4
Emilia’s Rank: #2


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