Ask the Fangirls: #DNAWorldTour Edition

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With the DNA World Tour in full effect and Ask The Fangirls being back, we are answering your questions! This time, it’s literally all about the tour and VIP!

Does anyone know how much the meet & greet package will cost for the 2022 European tour? – Mihaela 

Hi Mihaela! Right now, VIP has not been announced for the Europe leg of the DNA World Tour. If there is VIP, it will be announced closer to when the tour begins in the fall. I would assume it’s around the same price as the US VIPs. US VIPs are currently set at $500 per ticket plus taxes. – Karah 

Have my first meet and greet in August can’t wait! Also have pit tickets ! How to get right in front after the VIP??? – Crystal 

My best advice to you is to be near the front of the VIP line and line up for pit (if they are doing that for your show – it depends on the venue). That’s really the easiest way. – Karah 

Hey! Odd question, but any cool ideas or tips for storing the VIP lanyards or other kind of small goodies? I hate to just throw them in my desk drawer! LOL Thanks a bunch! – Danielle 

Honestly, I have them all hanging on each corner of my tall mirror on my dresser. I haven’t figured out that out yet! LOL! – Karah 

I’m a big fan of memory boxes.  I have a big one for BSB stuff and I tend to put my things in there when it is just to store.  I also have a couple shadow boxes for things that have been more important (signed onesie for my son, rose from Nick at a show, etc.).  I like the shadow boxes if you have room to display them somewhere.  A lanyard shadow box might be a cool way to remember them.   – Aimes 

What is some advice for someone going to their first BSB concert? – Gracie 

Don’t spend the night behind your phone – take it in and live. – Karah 

What Karah said.  There will be TONS of videos on social media and YouTube of any show you want to see.  Take the time while you are there to just enjoy it!   

There are no breaks!  Even the breaks for changes and such are filled with something, so if you want to stock up on a drink, food, or use the restroom, do it by 840…show usually begins between 840 and 9. 

Also, just a note…post concert depression is a thing!  I always feel huge crash after a show when I’m wallowing in the “I want more” moments.  Try to enjoy the show in the moment and stick to those memories if you feel that post-concert sadness.  – Aimes 

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