Happy 20th anniversary, Chapter One: The Hits!

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Can you believe it’s been TWENTY YEARS since Backstreet Boys The Hits Chapter 1 came out!? The fact that 20 years ago they had enough hits to fill an entire album is still mind-blowing. Honestly when it came out 20
years ago I remember being annoyed because these compilation “Best of” albums always seemed like an ending. But now, 20 years later, they absolutely could add a Hits Chapter 2. If they were to put out a chapter 2, what would be on it? Well, here’s my track listing for Backstreet Boys The Hits Chapter 2. Not all of these were singles (but they should have been!) and I didn’t include every single they did put out, but I think this list here would make a great compilation album! And since we would get the album, might as well throw the videos for each song in there too!


This song deserved a Grammy…off the Never Gone album, it’s a beautiful ballad that really showcases their vocals. Check out their updated HD video.

Just Want You to Know

Also off Never Gone, this one should make it simply because the video is the funniest and most outside the box one they’ve ever done.

I Still

Definitely one of their most underrated songs, this one was also off Never Gone. The updated HD video is pretty awesome with some of the effects they use here.

Helpless When She Smiles

This song, off Unbreakable, had a familiar video feel for the boys. They certainly looked good standing in those fields in the black and white video though.

Something that I Already Know

This was not a single from the Unbreakable album, but certainly could’ve been. A song that always speaks to me when I hear it. Here’s a live version from the Halifax soundcheck:

Straight Through My Heart

This one is one of my favorite BSB upbeat songs. I know Kevin isn’t a huge fan, but I love the beat and the energy from it. The videos is pretty fun too. This one is one of my favorite BSB upbeat songs. I know Kevin isn’t a huge fan, but I love the beat and the energy from it. The videos is pretty fun too.


This was, regrettably, not a single. This song was included on the This Is Us album (which had some of the best ballads they’ve ever done, ever), and still didn’t get its due for the show. Thankfully they sang it at their soundcheck parties.


Also from the This Is Us “should’ve been a single” collection, Undone is top 3 in their entire catalogue for me. The boys seem to agree that this was truly a missed opportunity. Check out the Vegas performance.

This is us

Title track off This Is Us, again, huge miss as far as “should’ve been a single”. Just a phenomenal ballad with intensely beautiful and bone chilling vocals. The live performance was amazing, especially Nick’s incredible vocals at the end..

Show Em What You’re Made Of

This song was written by Kevin and AJ about their kids. It holds a special place for me because I still song it with my kids. It was their second single off the In A World Like This album, the first with Kevin after his 6 year hiatus.


The boys have 2 songs called Breathe. This one, off In A World Like This, was not a single, but I always loved the way this song came together.

Make Believe

Also from In A World Like This, and not a single, this mid-tempo song has some fun lyrics. Here it is from a soundcheck party.

God, Your Mama, and Me

This was the boys first foray into country and they did it with a collaboration with Florida Georgia Line. The song was actually on FGLs album, but it was too good of a collaboration not to include here.

Let it Be Me

Another collaboration that wasn’t actually on their album, but on Steve Aioki’s. The video for this was just beautiful with such a pure message. Honestly this song was way too underplayed and should’ve garnered more love for sure.

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

This first single off their latest album, DNA, earned them a Grammy nomination in 2019. I can’t express how much I love this song and how great it was to see them return to their roots with this track.


The second single off DNA, this video is just stunning. Co-directed by AJ with his buddy, Rene Elizondo Jr, the cinematography is breathtaking and the dance sequence is gorgeous. I have no idea how this video didn’t earn them some award.

No Place

The third single off DNA, I just love this song and the message. It warms my heart that the video is them with their families, and Lyric’s ending “again!” Is just perfect.


The first and only (so far) acapella song they’ve released. This one shows off their vocal abilities and ranges so perfectly. This wasn’t an official single, but they did release a lyric video for this song.


This fun, upbeat, danceable track was not a single off DNA. I’m still campaigning for it because it’s such a great summer song! Thankfully they sang part of it it at the DNA show. Here’s the clip with a little fun intro ahead of it.

New Love

One of the newest BSB fandom debates…New Love or Passionate? Why not have both? This one is reminiscent of PDA from an earlier album, just a little less risqué. A fun, mildly out of character song that was great live.

Is It Just Me

Much lesser known, but wildly underrated. Off DNA, they didn’t even perform this one at their DNA show and I am praying they will on the next run. It’s stunningly beautiful and heart wrenching. We need a performance for this one, PLEASE!

Ok, now that I’ve laid them all out, maybe this should’ve been a Chapter 2 and 3…but there you have it!


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