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Recently, has joined forces with NK Airplay!  As part of this collaboration, I got to cohost a podcast which was a reaction to Josh and Mike Said What? show on the top 10 Boy Band Bangers.  The episode, “Josh and Mike Said What? Boy Band Bangers,” will air this afternoon, September 1st at 5:00pm ET.

After listening to their episode and reacting with the NK Airplay cohosts Jaime and Jenny as well as Karah, I got to thinking about Backstreet Boys bangers.  Josh and Mike defined a “Banger” as a song that just makes you want to get up and dance.  It’s the type of song that strikes you right from the opening chords and you can’t help but dance from start to finish. 

BSB have had a number of songs that I would classify as Bangers.  Here are my top 10 Backstreet Bangers:

Honorable Mentions:

Everybody (Backstreet’s back)…I know.  How can this song NOT make my top 10 list.  Well, as an avid fan, I would support this song wholeheartedly any time it came on when I’m out and about, but it doesn’t get as much airplay in my own home because I’ve heard it and seen them perform it so many times before.  It is one of their biggest hits, so it’s really mainstream.  As a huge fan, I tend to lean more to songs that haven’t seen as much airplay.  So while this is a great song and by definition, a definte Banger, it just didn’t quite make my top 10.  

Get Another Boyfriend: The only reason this one isn’t up higher in my list is that I’m not sure I can classify it as a Banger.  It’s on the slower side when you really listen to it, so it’s kind of hard to really dance when this one is on.  I still go wild whenever I hear it, just not sure I can dance to it all that much. It’s an AMAZING song, so I couldn’t complete ignore it.   

10. Panic

This one is a lesser known song off the boys album Unbreakable, which was recorded while Kevin was on hiatus.  But I LOVE the music and arrangement on this one.  It picks up as the song goes along and is just a fun dance track.  Definitely not one I’ve ever heard in a club, but if it magically was played, I’d be up in a heartbeat.  

9. Get Down

This song was a single off the boys first ever album, now refered to as the Red Album, owed to the red cover.  This album was not released in the US, but this song did show up on the first US release, Backstreet Boys, just not as a single.  I love this song because it is just upbeat and fast-paced.  A great dance song and I love seeing the boys dance moves when they do this one in their shows.

8. Passionate

This is one of BSB’s newest songs released on their latest album DNA.  I still have hopes that this could maybe be a single one day.  The boys are technically still promoting the album and going back out on tour next year with the DNA show…a girl can dream. I love the beat and the breaks and how the music comes together in this one.  I can really see this one being a great summer song.

7. The Call

This iconic song came opened the Black and Blue album.  Although it starts a little slow in the beat, once it picks up, it’s hard not to bop around to it.  I will say, there is an amazing Neptune’s remix that picks up the beat a lot and I LOVE dancing to that one!  Such a great hit with a really fun, funky beat.

6. Straight Through My Heart

This song came off the This is Us album, which was recorded while Kevin was on hiatus.  I know Kevin is not a fan of this song, but I can’t help but dance to it when it’s on.  It’s so upbeat and just makes me want to move!  I tend to throw this one in when I’m on a run also to help keep me motivated to keep going.  

5. We’ve Got it Going on

This song was originally released on the Red Album which again was an international release that did not make it to the stores in the US.  The song was released in the US on the Backstreet Boys first US release.  We’ve Got it Going On was released to radio in the US in 1995 and we slept on it hard.  Shame on us in the US because this song is such a great dance song!  I especially love seeing the boys perform this live and all the choreography they use for it!

4. Larger Than Life

The opening track from Millienium and second single off the album was a fan anthem.  The boys used this song to open their hugely successful Vegas Residency which they also named Larger Than Life.  Starting with this song set the tone for the whole show and just brought a ton of energy to the venue.  Even though this one was pretty mainstream, I still get down to it every time it is on.  It’s also a favorite in our house during our nightly dance parties because it is my 6 year old son’s favorite BSB song (along with Chances).  

3. Dance (Set it Off):

Many of you may not know this song.  This was an unreleased track that never made it to an actual BSB record and what a shame that is!  This song gives me life!  From what I know, this song was scrapped in the Never Gone era when the boys went a different direction and decided to record an album with more of a rock feel.  They had recorded a ton of music in the R&B realm that has yet to see the light of day outside of a few fan sites gaining access to the unreleased cuts.  Thankfully, I managed to come across this one and it is a Banger indeed! 

2. It’s Gotta Be You

A song that should have been a single off the Millenium album.  To this day I will curse Nick Carter’s name because he had a big hand in this song not being released as a single.  I’m so sad we never got a music video for this one. But what a beat!  This song pumps he up each and every time I hear it!  Nick’s weird vocals, the drum beats, the fun sounds included in the song.  I love it and I love dancing to it!

1. That’s the Way I Like it

This song was released only on the international album Backstreet’s Back and was not a release in the US.  Lucky for me, I found an imported version of this CD hiding at a local record store way back when local record stores were still a thing.  The first time I heard this song was actually when I saw them perform live in 1998 on the Backstreet Boys tour.  They opened the show with That’s the Way I Like it, shooting up from below the stage onto raised platforms.  The beat kicks in early on, but the way the song starts, with AJ belting out and then the piano chords and drums coming in after him…I just can’t get enough.  And let’s not ignore the fact that this is a HOT song.  I wish this song would have played in a club when I was a club-going young adult.  I would have LOST MY MIND dancing to this with my friends!  

And there you have it!  My top 10 Backstreet Bangers.  Are you surprised by any of these songs?  Let me know what I missed!

The episode, “Josh and Mike Said What? Boy Band Bangers,” will air this afternoon, September 1st at 5:00pm ET. It will reair on Sunday, September 5, 2021 at 3:00pm ET. You can click here to listen. Episodes will be available soon to listen to at your convenience.

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