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This has been an ongoing discussion about who is the best vocalist in boy bands today. With the latest episode of “Josh and Mike Say What?” on NKAirplay, myself and the other girls from NKAirplay discuss this topic in length on the episode that airs this afternoon, August 18, 2021 from 5-6pm ET. It will reair on Sunday at 3pm ET. It’s in response to the New Pod on the Block episode and Josh and Mike’s Top 10 list.

While I give my thoughts on the episode, I also thought I would blog about them. This is something Aimes and I will do when we take part in episodes and even about some other things.

You are pre-warned that I didn’t save my actual Top 10 list I made for the episode, so this may differ a little. LOL

So let’s talk about my Top 10 Boy Band Vocalist.

Honorable Mentions

Liam Payne – I loved his “I used to be in 1D” song that is escaping my mind right now.
Brian Littrell – While we all know his voice is not what it used to be due to vocal problems, Brian does have times where he sounds like that Brian that made us fall in love with the Backstreet Boys back in the day. Trust me, I’ve seen it.
– Joey Fatone – Hidden gem of *NSYNC. He should have been given more solos than Timberlake.
– Jordan Knight / Jon Knight – The brother duo have amazing voices. We know Jordan’s falcetto can rival Mariah’s, but Jon is like Fatone, the hidden gem of the group.

Now to the Top 10:

10. Robbie Williams

A lot of you may be like, “who?” Robbie is from Take That “(aka the British Band that sings ‘Back to Good’).” He also has had a popular solo career, which is where I know him better. His voice reminds me of AJ McLean’s in a way, which might be why I love Robbie so much.

Listen to “Rock DJ” by Robbie Williams:

9. Niall Horan

If you know me, you KNOW I love me some Niall Horan. He has been my favorite member of One Direction since their first single and it makes me so happy that he’s had so much solo success. His voice is so different than anybody elses. It’s deep and soothing and it just makes me happy.

Listen to “Perfect” by One Direction:

8. Harry Styles

There’s always been something about Harry’s voice from One Direction’s first single, but it was on “Little Things” that I fell in love with him. In fact, this is the first song that I really noticed Niall Horan’s voice also. For Harry, it’s the raspiness in his voice that drew me in and he has grown so much as a vocalist since then that it kind of puts this to shame. 

Listen to “Little Things” by One Direction:

7. Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas stole my heart before he turned 18 (that sounds weird to say … scratch that.) I was in my late 20s and LOVED the Jonas Brothers and got made fun of it because of it. But when Joe performed “Gotta Find You” on Camp Rock, that did me in. I was a Joe girl. His voice is kind of like Nick Carter’s voice … I can’t figure out what it is or what drew me in, but it did. Maybe it’s that raspyness thing again.  I got to see him sing “Gotta Find You” live for the first time in 2019 and I cried. 

Listen to “Gotta Find You” by Joe Jonas:


6. Nick Lachey

I became a 98 Degrees fan when I heard “Invisible Man” for the first time. I loved the other songs, but it was this one that drew me in. Nick Lachey has that kind of voice that just makes you weak. Don’t tell Carter I said that. Maybe it’s his lips when he sings, but it’s soothing and that’s what I like in a good boy band singer. 

Listen to “Invisible Man” by 98 Degrees:

5. Nick Carter

My heart. My love. No, he’s not the best boy band vocalist and some people *cough*MikeandJosh*cough* may not even think he’s a good singer, but his voice is the one that makes me the happiest. His voice is the one that calms me when I have anxiety. It has nothing to do with his looks and his personality (yes, he’s hot and we have too much in common), but it’s his voice. With his solo career, he took more of a rock edge, but his BSB vocals, especially the last few years, have been killer.

Listen to “The Way It Was” (Live) by Backstreet Boys:

4. Wanya Morris

I’m going to be real. Wanya could have been #1. All four of the next four guys could be #1. It was hard to choose. Wanya has been my favorite member of Boyz II Men since the “Cooleyhighharmoney” days and if you don’t kno what that means, look it up. He’s the one that looks like he’s having the most fun singing and has the voice of fucking angels. 

Listen to “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men:

3. JC Chasez

I have been a JC fan since the Mickey Mouse Club days when he would belt out Richard Marx songs. He was my fave then and he’s my fave *NSYNC guy, which is why he’s the only one on the actual list. While Joey didn’t get ANY share of solos, JC got some, but let’s be honest. It was always about JC (just look how Jive did him with the solo albums). JC’s voice in “This I Promise You” is probably one of his best vocals. It’s one of my least fave *NSYNC songs, but his voice. Gah. I could listen to him sing the phone book.

Listen to “This I Promise You” by *NSync:

2. Joey McIntyre

This is the one that really annoyed me with Josh and Mike’s list and you can hear me talk about it on the episode, but they didn’t even give Joseph McIntyre an honorable mention.

Let me be clear – Joey McIntyre is one of the reasons why I love music today. My first boy band love and his voice is UNDENIABLE. I mean, that’s why people fell in love with NKOTB back in the day – “Please Don’t Go Girl” is the song that made people notice them and it was Joey’s voice.  But the one NKOTB song that I think really makes Joey shine is “If You Go Away.” Honestly, it showcases Jordan’s voice, too.

Listen to “If You Stay” / “Please Don’t Go Girl” by New Kids on the Block:

1. AJ McLean

If you know me, you should know this isn’t a shock. AJ McLean has one of the best voices in music today and is SO underrated. He could sing the phone book and some. His voice is so smooth, yet isn’t so smooth that it would put you to sleep. And he has that raspiness that I love so much, but it’s not too hard. 

AJ’s voice is just fucking perfect. 

The song I’m going to use to showcase is voice is old and it is live at that. But it’s one of those songs that listening to the “Millennium” album just doesn’t do it justice. You neeeeeeeed to hear him sing it live. 

Listen to “Back To Your Heart” by Backstreet Boys (Live):


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