Decisions of a fangirl: To add or remove more BSB shows?

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Hi, it’s me. It’s been a while. How you doin’?

This morning, I went over to Stub Hub and cancelled my last remaining ticket sale for the Woodlands show. I think it sold late last year (previous to the newest schedule changes), but whoever bought my ticket never accepted the transfer on Ticketmaster. If that’s you, please note that I haven’t sold your ticket and I hope that you will collect it in time for the show.

I found myself browsing Ticketmaster shortly thereafter. I’ve already promised Rose (aka my BSB partner in crime, also aka @ForeverRebel) that we would be attending the Chula Vista and Los Angeles shows.

I’ve promised my mom that we would go to the Montreal and Quebec City shows too. I originally had bought tickets for eight shows and now I’m down to four. That’s progress right? I’m also in a love/hate relationship with attending the Lexington show. When the latest set of new dates rolled around, I figured I couldn’t make the date and sold my ticket. This is the second time that I sell and rebuy tickets for this show and I don’t know if I can or should go for round three.

I know that tons of friends (and acquaintances) are going to this show and I initially wanted to attend because I really enjoyed my trip there in 2015. Due to the latest reschedule, I didn’t think that I would have enough PTO (paid time off) but I recently started working for another firm that gives me three extra bonus days to use how I please, on top of an additional week off. Bless.

The Lexington show is after Montreal and the Quebec City shows. There’s Labor Day in between that. I asked my husband if it was alright if I took another couple days’ off in order to attend. He said we could talk about it. In Joe speak, that’s “Ok I’m not thrilled about it, but yes, you can go.”

While I haven’t pulled the trigger on another show at this point, I know that this particular show is always on my mind because I also want to finish the Bourbon Trail while I’m down there.

However, with the gearing back up of things, I wonder if I would rather use the time and funds on real life activities.

Sure, BSB is great, but I feel like I buy into the machine each time anything is announced. That has to stop. I’m not knocking anyone who chooses to live their life this way because that was me at one point. But the pandemic has taught me that I might want more out of this life.

I saw who was truly there for me when we weren’t at a show together or talking about BSB. I built relationships with people that I haven’t even met yet. My circle gets smaller with each passing year because the idiots weed themselves out or I find that I no longer have anything in common with the people that I once befriended in the past.

I need more substance and less fluff. I need my true OGs and the people who truly love me for me. We don’t have to talk every day, but we need a little more than just BSB to sustain a relationship.

So, what I’m really saying is that maybe I’m growing up and growing out of this? Or maybe I’m still feeling things out because it’s been a hot minute and I don’t know how to act after a pandemic. Or maybe I’m old enough to know that spending $1000+ on a two-night stay in a different city every couple of weeks could be spent differently. But you do you, boo.

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