News: Backstreet Boys Rank 12th Most Famous Pop Music Artist among adults

by | May 31, 2021 | Backstreet Boys, News

According to, the Backstreet Boys are the 38th most popular pop music artist and the 12th most famous amoung Americans. is basically a site that shows what the world things. The is the American version of the site. 

For the Most Famous Pop Music Artist, the boys beat out the likes of Madonna (13), Mariah Carey (14), Whitney Houston (17), Jackson 5 (18), Elton John (20), Tina Turner (23) and the Beach Boys (24). 

Lady Gaga was #1.

For Most Popular Pop Music Artist, the boys beat out User (39), Beyonce (43), Ed Sheeran (45) and Britney Spears (49). Elton John was #1. 

For The Most Popular All-Time Music Artists, the Backstreet Boys came in at #172. 

The boys beat out Hank Willis (175), Green Day (176), Boyz II Men (193), Beyonce (199), Ed Sheeran (211), Foo Fighters (214) and Britney Spears (224).

Dolly Parton was #1. 

To see the boys’ page on, click here.


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