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News: Are @BackstreetBoys releasing something with Diane Warren soon? (Updated 5.25.21)

by | May 25, 2021 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Music, News, Nick Carter, Pop Music | 2 comments

Update: 5/25/21 by Karah

Just when we thought the pandemic would cause us to not get us an Oscar-worthy penned song by Diane Warren and vocals by the Backstreet Boys, they pull us back in.

According to Deadline, “Joe Bell,” the Mark Wahlberg movie that will feature a song written by Warren and performed by the Backstreet Boys, will be released in July.

The film has been acquired for theatrical release by Roadside Attractions and should open July 23.

Will we get a new Backstreet Boys song around that time? We can only hope.

Update:  1/25/21
By Emilia

Looks like the Mark Wahlberg movie, “Joe Bell,” has been moved to a later date this year. We’re unsure what this means for “Footprints.” From what the boys were talking about, it seemed like it would be released soon, but with the movie not coming out yet (and right now there is no date – thanks COVID!), it’s likely the song may be put off also to wait for the release of the movie.

This also may mean that the movie will not be qualified for any Oscar talk as discussed before since it will not be released. So maybe next year? When we know more, you’ll know more. 🙂

Update 12/27/20:

Are Backstreet Boys releasing new music written by Diane Warren?

Well, we have seen that both Nick and Brian hinted at new music and it seems as if the guys may have a new song written by Diane Warren coming soon. Back on November 17, 2020 Diane Warren was in the recording studio with AJ McLean. She shared a photo on her Instagram asking her followers to guess who the person was and what group he’s in. Someone asked if it was AJ and she said yes. It also appears that she had hinted the song would have more than one BSB on the track. At the time of finding this post the comment may have been removed. Although, another website did see what she had said about the song.

Yes, that’s AJ. I am not supposed to talk about it till the song comes out, but there might be more than one (Backstreet Boys member singing the song).

Thanks to another fan, Mike (misha_bsb), it appears that the song may actually be released for the upcoming “Joe Bell” film starring Mark Wahlberg. A Twitter user maverickmovies seems to have come across information or a predictions list of songs that were submitted to be considered for the Best Original Song category at the upcoming Oscars from the studio’s For Your Consideration page. The user did however screenshot this. It says Best Original Song “Footprints” Music/Lyric by Diane Warren Performed by Backstreet Boys. It may have also listed what film it is for, but it wasn’t included in the screenshot. They only mention that the song was for the “Joe Bell” film.

Screencap for the Solstice Studios “Joe Bell” For Your Consideration page (for the Oscars)

If it turns out that this song is indeed for the “Joe Bell” film then we’ll likely have more official information in regards to the song soon. The film is set to be released on February 19, 2021.

Update @ 12/19/20 @ 8:55 p.m.

Was “Matches” not what Nick Carter was alluding to? He talked to Vegas Revealed and said that he and the guys are “cooking something” that may come out “sooner rather than later.”

[Original post]

I know, right? You saw the title and when “say whaaaat?”

Nick Carter talked with WGTV about all things solo records, Backstreet Boys, and Cure 4 The Kids Foundation.

When the interviewer asked about anything that the Backstreet Boys’ were doing and Nick gave a little inside information.

“There’s a couple of things in the works for the Backstreet Boys that you will see in the next month or so in the realm of music and there will be more surprises. We were talking about doing a Christmas record, but that’s not gonna happen right now. The thing about being in a group, we actually like being around each other. It doesn’t happen all the time with certain groups. We enjoy being in the studio together, creating together and bonding.”

If you remember correctly, Brian mentioned recording something for Backstreet Boys recently.