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22 Years of @BackstreetBoys’ Millennium – Top 10 TV Performances

by | May 18, 2021 | Backstreet Boys, History, Opinion, Top Lists, Videos | 0 comments

Today marks 22 years of one of the greatest albums of all time – the Backstreet Boys’ “Millennium.” There’s so many things we could do to celebrate this day.

We could rank the songs, rank the videos, rank the tour outfits, or rank hairstyles (lookin’ at you, Carter), but let’s look at something else – the promotional appearances.

Let’s take a look back at what we think are the Top 10 promotional appearances the Backstreet Boys did during the “Millennium” released. That means a week or two before or a week or two after.

Let’s look back at that whirlwind moment in 1999:

 10 – Top of the Pops 

This performance of “I Want It That Way” gets me everytime. 

9. The Morning After on CBS

The morning after “Millennium” was released, the boys talked with CBS This Morning about the release, the upcoming tour and more. For some reason this interview always stuck out to me as one of the better ones during that time. 

8. “All That”

Yes, they are performing “I Want It That Way” yet again, but hey, it was the hit song at the time and their album was about to be released. There was something about this performance from “All That,” that I loved. I don’t know if it’s what the guys are wearing or what, but it’s one of my favorites.


7. AJ on Much Music

Canada’s Much Music sat down to talk with each of the guys individually the week of “Millennium”‘s release. AJ’s interview was always the best for some reason out of the five. Plus, you know AJ, he’s a talker. 

6. “Saturday Night Live.”

The weekend before “Millennium” was released, the boys were the musical guest on “Saturday Night Live,” which Sarah Michelle Gellar hosted. Obviously they performed “I Want It That Way,” but they also performed an a capella version of “All I Have To Give,” which is still one of the best performances.

5. Rosie O’Donnell Show

This performance of “I Want It That Way” is definetly one of my favorites, mostly for that zoom in shot of Nick on “Don’t wanna hear you saaaaaaaaaaaaaaay…..”

4. The Day “Millennium” was released on TRL

Crowds … Like, this was one of the craziest times in Times Square and in general. I really don’t think Carson Daly had any idea what he was getting himself into. This is the day that the album was released, before or after (I forget) a CD signing across the street.

3. “The Countdown Is On” commercials

Let me tell you what, trying to get these commercials recorded and knowing when they would come on back in the day with a VCR, that’s a workout. I remember sitting CONTINIOUSLY with my finger on record everytime a commercial break came on MTV or TRL (and even CMT!) during this period. I got them all recorded, somehow. It’s amazing. Kids don’t know how lucky they are with YouTube today.

2. MTV’s “Millennium” special

The Sunday before “Millennium” was released, the Backstreet Boys took over the TRL studios and Times Square with a two-hour special (I believe it was two hours) where they performed, talked, played games with fans, and more. When you think of the crazy crowds at TRL or they are mentioned on some special, they always relate back to this day.

1. Disney Special

Can you even call yourself a fan if you don’t like the Disney Special? While it didn’t air until July, it was filmed while the boys were in New York promoting “Millennium,” so I say it counts. 

“Riding in the park on a lovely day.”

“AJ found hats … uh oh we’re in trouble … yes we are.”

“Whoo got up too fast.”

“You hear that? That’s the am-bu-lance coming to take these guys away after we beat ’em.”

(Fake British accent) “AJ is in the lead…”

22 years later, I can still recite everything.


So what is your favorite appearance from this time in history?

God, 22 years ago. Hold on, I need to go get my walker.