Howie Dorough receives visits from father, sister on “Long Island Medium”

by | Feb 27, 2021 | Howie Dorough, Television | 0 comments

Howie Dorough’s episode of “Long Island Medium” is now out on Discovery+, the Discovery Channel’s streaming platform.

In the episode, Howie gets to hear from both his late father, Hoke, and from his sister, Caroline.

Howie’s father told Thereasa that it was great that Howie wanted to hear from him, but Howie really wanted to hear from Caroline. 

Howie goes a little more in detail about his father and Caroline’s health issues. 

Howie has dreams about his sister and father, and Thersea said that is visitations.

However, Howie breaks down at one point discussing about how he had to make the decision about his father’s health because he was the “baby” of the family and he was taking on the role of his older siblings. 

Check out the video on the Discovery+ app. We may have some clips on Instagram or TikTok later. 🙂 


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