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This post is going to be about Brian Littrell, his wife, and the drama that has been going on a lot the last few months. If you are going to automatically call me a hater, please see yourself out. Click that “x” in your browser or go to where you’ve probably already signed up –

Another side note: I had promised myself a few months ago that there wouldn’t be any more “personal” blog posts on this site, and it was going to stay strictly fandom. While this has to do with the fandom, it is also a bit personal. It’s hard not to make it personal when the Littrells have done what they have done. 

To give a little back story, I grew up in a very red, conservative South Georgia town on the Florida/Georgia state line. My graduating class of 90-something students, maybe 60 were black. My county/town was and is still full of freakin’ rednecks who still think it’s 1845. 

I know I have white privilege and I won’t deny that, but I’ve seen things that friend, especially when I was growing up in that town. I’ve seen things that white “friends” or family members would say about people of different races or color. Some of my family still act that way. I’m thankful that getting my Mom out of that town when I left, she has opened her eyes a lot. 

Everybody has a right to vote for who they want to vote for. It is an American right. Our founding fathers made it that way. 

But I’m done. 

I have hated what Leighanne has done on social media. I feel for my friends who are people of color. I can’t imagine what they are feeling deep inside. I have seen what friends growing up have dealt with from people who share her same beliefs. I hated it. I hate it now. 

Then last tonight this happened.

When Brian Littrell joined Parler, it really, REALLY hit me. I knew he probably felt the same way as Leighanne about everything, but he never really said it or expressed it. There was still this small little hope inside that thought, “Well, maybe he doesn’t.”

Until last night. 

If you do not know what Parler is, it is a place where right-winged (Republican) people go to post conspiracy theories and “free speech.” Social media tried to target the misrepresentation of facts and lies during the election so someone went to create their own social media account where “free speech” was a given.

Parler is where the plans that occurred Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol were made, publicly, for everyone to see. Plans to kidnap our Vice President and Speaker of the House just so they would override over 140 million votes in the election from November so that Donald Trump can stay president. People were killed in this action that took place on Wednesday. Our democracy was attacked on Wednesday. I sat here watching people get attacked in the U.S. Capitol while I worked. It was one of our country’s worst days in history.

And Brian Littrell joined the website where these plans were made. There are people there still trying to make plans for the inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20th. 

And Brian joined this site. 

To say that I was sick to my stomach was an understatement. Disappointment washed all over me. This happiness that I have when it comes to this fandom felt attacked. Backstreet Boys are my happiness, just like everyone else that loves them, and I felt personally attacked, so when I said I can’t imagine what people of color felt last night, I can’t. They had to feel worse than I did. Their hearts were broken because Parler is basically a site of white supremacy. 

So, when I say I am done with Brian Littrell, I am done. I hope one day he opens his eyes and sees what a mistake this is. Everybody has a right to an opinion and free speech (there is a line that can’t be crossed though), but this is that line for me. 

This site will continue on giving you the best thoughts and news on the Backstreet Boys as a group, along with Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Kevin Richardson, and Howie Dorough. They own my heart. Brian has broken it. I will still go to the concerts, because you know what? I won’t let the Littrells win. I will still go to support AJ, Nick, Howie, and Kevin. I will still go to have fun with my friends who still want to go. 

I do not regret getting this BSB tattoo on the inside of my right wrist. They are a permanent stain on my heart. They always will be. 

Say I’m overreacting, but I have to stand up for people who have been hurt by his wife and his actions. The permanent stain that has been left on the BSB legacy and fandom are heartbreaking.



  1. Kelsey Christine

    Proud of you!! I feel the same way about all of this. So disappointing.

  2. Meg C

    YES! THIS! I used to be a huge Brian fan. I don’t know if I can look at him the same ever again. It’s heartbreaking for all fans who have felt personally attacked by his family’s words and posts.

  3. Pamela

    I feel the same way… I would never stop supporting Nick, Aj, Kevin and Howie but I feel so sad and disappointed about Brian .
    This post is amazing. Thank you!

  4. Therese Gerhauser

    Thank you for this. This is so disappointing and I can’t word it correctly. But I’m glad you said this.

  5. Daryl J

    Ditto. I’ll always love them.

  6. Patricia E Villafan

    I so agree woth you. I am so in shoock of what the littrells had done. You’re so right when you commented that brain needs toopen his eyes and see how wrong he is.

  7. Kaoschic

    I pretty much could’ve wrote this except having a bsb tattoo part. But agree with everything you said also BTW from Fl and went to Christian school for my whole childhood life and we had like maybe 10 poc in our whole school. I was very sheltered then but have met so many different types of people since then and the fact some of my best friends are poc/gay Brians and Leighanne’s hate for ppl i love just makes me sick. I had no idea they believed like this until I started following leigh Anne maybe a few months ago and have been slowly sickened by her and then Brian’s tweet yesterday sealed the deal. I have loved him since 98 but I’m so done completely with him and don’t regret it at all. He showed how he feels and I can’t make any excuse for that in anyway. Makes me really disappointed and sick to my stomach actually. Also he needs to read his Bible about loving people of all colors, races, etc etc and so does his rude and nasty wife.

  8. Connie

    Totally agree!!

  9. Emmeline

    Totally agree!!

    I’ma continue to support Nick, AJ, Howie and Kevin, but i’m totally done with Brian.

    And i while i don’t expect Nick, AJ, Howie, Kevin, plus the band’s management to publicly condemn Brian while he’s still part of the group, i really, really hope they convene an emergency meeting to oust him.

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