5 nail polish colors @AvaDeanBeauty should add to their brand

by | Jan 5, 2021 | AJ McLean, Ava Dean Beauty | 0 comments

Thinking of nail polish colors isn’t really something I’ve ever thought about until AJ McLean launched his beauty line, Ava Dean Beauty.

Right now the company as four colors, Alexander James (Black), Ro Ro Red, Ava Jaymes (a periwinkle color) and Lyric Dean (a lavender color). They also have a crystal clear coat that you can buy to put over the color of your choice. 

But what about the future? What colors should they pick? These are five colors that I think they should add to their portfolio.

1. Silver

A lovely silver color would be an amazing addition to Ava Dean Beauty line. Besides, considering nail polish is mostly a feminine product and AJ has two daughters, silver has a feminine energy to it. Silver is related to the moon and is fluid, emotional, sensitive and mysterious. Plus it’s shiny. 

2. Pink

Considering AJ’s new song will be called “Love Song Love,” no color shows love like the color pink. It oozes unconditional love and nurturing. However, pink can be silly and girlish, but don’t we still love it?

3. Turquoise

Turquoise, or teal, symbolizes calmness. It also symbolizes sophistication and water. It’s also a friendly and happy color. I feel like this would be a perfect color for Ava Dean Beauty because right now, AJ is finding that calmness in his life. Plus, Ava said in the ADB Looped Webcast that it was her favorite color. 

4. Fuchsia

Fushia, which is a bright pink/purplish color, is very uplifting and its bold appearance is energizing. It can also be considered another feminine color, but more confident and mature than shades of baby pink or “Barbie” pink. 

5. Burgundy

The reddish-brown color is a bit more sophistical and serious than normal red. The only red color that Ava Dean Beauty has now is Ro Ro Red, so why not add a little darker red for people who aren’t into bright red?

Whatever colors Ava Dean Beauty decides to add to the nail polish line, I’m sure they will have a reason for them. I’m sure they will think about the colors and what they represent and I can’t wait to see what they pick!00


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