5 ’80s movies @NickCarter should totally remake and star in

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Since Nick Carter released his new song, “80s Movie,” all we can think about is a music video for the song. Could he revisit his “Just Want You To Know” Sphynkter fan character? Could he do a play on all of these ’80s movies or even star as Johnny Castle from “Dirty Dancing” since the movie is kind of mentioned in the song.

Like me, Nick is a total ’80s freak. It may be because we lived pretty much the entire decade since we were born in 1980 (him January and myself in July). Some of the best movies were created in the ’80s.

On top of all of these thoughts, Nick posted the craziest Twitter post the other day with his face on several movie posters. This got my mind going even more. 

Being the movie lover he is, what if he remade some of these movies? And stared in them? That got us thinking … what ’80s movies would we like for him to remake?

1. “Dirty Dancing”

Why wouldn’t we want Nick to remake this movie and star as Johnny Castle? For one, Nick has the dancing background thanks to “Dancing with the Stars” and Johnny is kind of a bad-ass in the movie. He’s a bad boy. Nick would rock that. Plus, could you imagine him doing that jump at the end of the movie in the final dancing scene? Hm, yes please.

2. “Overboard”

More people are probably familiar with the remake from a few years ago with Anna Faris (which was horrible, by the way), but I think this would be a movie that Nick could do really well at. It’s humorous and I think he could be Kurt Russell’s role to a T. Plus, in my head, I have AJ playing his best friend. 

3. “License to Drive”

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I was obsessed with Corey Haim in general as a kid. I know Nick is 40 years old now and can’t play a 16-year-old trying to get his driver’s license, but imagine 16-year-old Nick, or even 18-year-old Nick, because we all know adults play teens in movies anyway. I mean how many more times is Nick Robinson going to play a high school student? I could see Nick being Les Anderson in this movie (Corey’s character), and again, AJ being his sidekick (Corey Feldman). 

4. National Lampoon’s Vacation

Oh no, not European Vacation or the Christmas vacation, we are talking about the original, baby. Good ‘ol Clark W. Griswald wants to take his family and drive them from Chicago to California to go to Wally World. Imagine Nickolas G. Carter being Clark W. Griswald … I mean, to be honest, I could totally see him in the European one, too, but this is the one that made me fall in love with these movies. I could see Nick playing a character like Clark, trying to make this huge family vacation happen that keeps getting screwed up. Plus it would be funny to see him lose his shit when the theme park is closed after driving across the country. 

5. “Weekend At Bernie’s”

Have you even lived if you’ve never seen “Weekend at Bernie’s?” This is one of the greatest, yet worst, comedies of the ’80s, which is why I would honestly love to somehow see Nick and AJ play Richard and Larry. Richard and Larry work at a company that is owned by Bernie, the guy that they end up spending the weekend with. I won’t give the movie away for those of you who have never seen it, but let me tell you … the comedy in this movie I think Nick and AJ would be perfect for. 

Regardless if Nick were to ever remake an ’80s movie, the song rocks. Nick said in an interview that he wanted something to make people feel nostalgic during this horrible time in the country and you know what? It did. It made me look back at movies I loved from the 80s. 

What movies would you love to see Nick remake and star in from the ’80s?

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