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Let’s be real, if you follow this blog on any social media account, whether it’s my personal or site one, you know this site is all about boy bands, especially Backstreet Boys. 

So, whenever I see something cool, I want to share it and that’s why I’m letting you guys know about Boy Band Top 10s. 

Boy Band Top 10s is a new Spotify podcast/show all about boy bands by two girls who were normal boy band fans at one time and now they are strong business woman. 

Cassie, left, and Jade.

The ladies – Cassie and Jade – actually own a business, Crowd Surf, and work for artists such as Backstreet Boys (and AJ McLean), Why Don’t We, Max and Harvey, and more. They started out as boy band friends who met in college and worked their way up to actually having BSB as clients. 

I have followed the ladies for a long time and even met Jade once at a 98 Degrees show they did this contest during the show and I won an autographed pic. Cassie is always giving out amazing advice for fangirls and kind of inspired me to start my fangirl classes

This show is the kind of show that I wish I could do. Not only are they counting down everything boy bands, but if you’re around my age, in the 30s range, you can totally relate. For the first episode, where they are counting down the Top 10 boy band songs, they talk about standing in line at grocery stores for tickets. 

Today’s young fangirls today know nothing about that. Let’s be real. 

Check out the show now!


Listen to Boy Band Top 10s on Spotify



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