Top 10 @NickCarter appearances during the “Now or Never” era

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As we continue to look back at the “Now or Never” era, Nick did a lot of television appearances while promoting “Now or Never” and even after the album was released. 

From the typical shows here in the U.S. like “Regis and Kathy Lee” to shows on German channels like VIVA or “Top of the Pops” in the United Kingdom, Nick was pretty much seen everywhere.

Here are the Top 10 television performances and why I like them. 

Acafest concert in Mexico

There really needs to be any explanation on this because this is really the only full Nick Carter show that we have professionally filmed as far as I’m aware and if there was another, I feel like I would know about it. While it’s not great quality like we have today, you have to remember this was 2003. 


VIVA – 2002 – My Confession

Why? Why wouldn’t I love this performance? It’s of my favorite song, but I also love the colorful background. 


Help Me – “Top of the Pops”

Not only is this a great performance of “Help Me,” but Nick also gets to showcase his drumming skills. 


“I Just Want To Take You Home” on VIVA

I think besides Acafest, this is the only televised performance of this song, so obviously, this is going to make the list. I just love the VIVA sets. 


“Help Me” – Children’s Charity concert 

Nick performance on a charity concert put together by the legendary writer and producer David Foster that included Celine Dion, Josh Groban among others. To be honest, it’s one of my favorite performances of “Help Me” because Nick is not only performing, but because he’s not performing for his technical fanbase. It’s people in the audience who might not even know who he was, so I felt like maybe it made him want to win them over even more. 


“Help Me” and Interview on The Tonight Show

The performance of this song was a little crazy and the interview was even crazier. 


“Do I Have To Cry For You” on The View

I guess what I love about this is not only the interview, but he does a different song than the other U.S. appearances. 


Appearance: “American Dreams”

Nick portrayed Jay from “Jay and the Americans” on an episode of the NBC show with a pre-“Pitch Perfect” Brittany Snow. And it was awesome.


Appearance – Nickelodeon

This is a really weird appearance that Nick did back in 2002 on Nickelodeon. He was a special guest that the hosts talked to in the middle of cartoons, and I think, “All That?” I can’t remember. It was just kind of hilarious. 


Much Music: Exposed in 2003

Nick did an episode of “Exposed” in Canada on Much Music in 2003 while on his “Now or Never” tour and it was really interesting and not like the other appearances. It was more like a “Diary” episode.


Bonus: Nick hosting Teen Nick in 2002

I mean, just. It explains itself.

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