Why “Pancake Daddy” @NickCarter is Truly The Best Nick Era (So Far…)

by | Oct 25, 2020 | Nick Carter, Opinion | 1 comment

We bet you clicked on this post to really figure out the WTF factor that went into that title, huh?! Don’t worry, we’ve got you, fellow fangirl.

So, what IS “pancake daddy”?

Nick started blessing our Instagram feeds with videos of making breakfast for his son, Odin, a little over two years ago. From paleo pancakes, to fruitful oatmeal, it’s clear that Nick’s focus has been on making sure whatever breakfast he makes for his kids is healthy.

Again, so WHY has he officially been dubbed by us as “pancake daddy”?

We’ve watched Nick grow up as a Backstreet Boy. He blessed our teenage walls with every single fangirl magazine in the grocery store that our babysitting money could afford. We’ve screamed at every thrust, at every dance move, for every single tour.

But, nothing, and we mean NOTHING, has been more attractive to us than watching Nick embrace his role at home doing the day-to-day shit, like making pancakes, that we all do on the daily — except we shake ours up with Bisquick and call it a day. 😉

Oh, did we mention he looks freakin’ gorgeous while he does it?! The sleepy voice + maintaining composure (sometimes) from screaming children + his ‘bright shiny object’ moments = Us fangirling hardcore. This is clearly yet another zone of excellence for Mr. Carter and we are all here for it.

If you’ve watched any of these IG stories from Nick, he goes into quite elaborate detail about the recipe for that morning. He lists every single ingredient, then explains why he chose that individual ingredient, to a level of detail that we couldn’t even get to in our fan letters to him back in 1999. It’s clear that Guy Fieri needs to make an appearance in this Las Vegas home kitchen to show off the absolute breakfast magic we’re fed with each and every post.



Now that Nick and his wife have welcomed another little one to the family in October 2019, we’re looking forward to more of the delicious #pancakedaddy content. Double stacks, even.

If you want to see more fangirling over #pancakedaddy himself, check out Episode 2 of Fangirls’ Night Out!

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