Our Favorite @BackstreetBoys Acoustic Performances on YouTube

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Nothing in the world sounds better right now than sitting back and listening to our favorite five guys perform an acoustic set. 

Don’t get us wrong — we love the high-energy, choreographed dancing and the hype that their typical concert sets give us each and every show. But, something about a stripped-down acoustic set hits us in all the feels, especially as the last few months have been nothing short of chaotic!

So, just like back at your old middle school dances, we’re going to slowwwww it down for you today. But, instead of making things awkward with you and your teenage crush, we’re going to give you all the acoustic love from the ACTUAL guys you wished you were dancing with.

Here are a few of our favorites to add to your BSB acoustic soundtrack!:

  • Show Em What You’re Made Of – This radio show recording happened when this inspirational song was a new single. The harmonies are on point and each one of the boys are killin’ it. Oh, and we’re down for the leather look.
  • No Diggity Blackstreet Cover – This is such a fun and unexpected cover from the boys. AJ’s first few lines legit gave us the CHILLS. 
  • In a World Like ThisFirst, that blazer look on Kevin has us fanning ourselves and a little bit unable to breathe. But, alas, we pulled through when seeing Brian and Nick both on guitar! We LOVE this song, too, especially in a time now where our world feels pretty broken. Give yourself a big ol’ hug when watching this! We’ll get through all of this together! 
  • The Thong Song Sisqo CoverOkay, so “technically” this one is acapella vs. acoustic, but it made us laugh so much that it really doesn’t matter, right?! Technicality. 😉 The outfits, the unexpected song, and just how into it they all are made us so happy to see!
  • Dominion Theatre London – This full acoustic show promoting the documentary is legit our dream. We want to be in THIS AUDIENCE, like, right now. This compilation video has Nick and Brian back on guitar, all of them in really incredible looks. In this set, you’ll see, “I Want It That Way”, “As Long As You Love Me”, “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of”, “Shape of My Heart” and “In a World Like This”  
  • BSB Cruise 2016 – And, we’re sobbing. We’re here for hugs, Kev. The boys perform “Safest Place to Hide” and we get a few tears shed from Mr. Richardson. Who else is going to be crying at our first show back in-person with these five?! (Yep, us too!)
  • Get Another Boyfriend – As if this song wasn’t amazing enough with a full band, the acoustic version you can REALLY hear their voices. Ugh, mixed with that acoustic guitar, too!? SO GOOD. 
  • I Got You – And now, we have Nick crying. Oh, and us again!? This song is SO good and from one of Nick’s solo albums. But, hearing the guys sing it right along with him really hits us in all the feels. What an amazing song — especially acoustic with fellow BSB harmonies!


We hope these unplugged acoustic sessions have you breathing a little easier and smiling a little more! And, hey, maybe, just maybe, one day soon we’ll all be able to enjoy one of these acoustic shows together in-person?! We’re so down.


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