Join Us LIVE for Fangirls’ Night Out – Episode 1 on Thursday, 9/10 at 8PM EST!

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“We know who you are and this one goes out to you!”

Alright fellow fangirls, it’s time — time to FINALLY have a place to laugh, take a break from the world and fully embrace your fangirl status!

Join us—Brianne, Danielle, Kelsey and Britt—as we sip some cocktails, spill some tea, and swoon over our favorite boyband members.

And guess what?! We want you there with us LIVE! (Don’t worry, this won’t require you to turn on your webcam or microphone! We just want you to tune in live and chat with us in real-time!)


On Thursday, 9/10 at 8PM EST, join us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube to watch our live stream premiere episode, comment in real-time and play the games right along with us!

In this first episode, we’re introducing you to us — the four fangirls behind Fangirls’ Night Out! We’ll also be diving into the DNA of the fanbase by defining the various types of fangirls. Also, when we say ‘fangirl’, do we only mean women?! (Spoiler alert: NOPE!) — we cannot wait for you to figure out which specific type of fangirl YOU are! ?⁠

We’ll also do a game of FNO/FYES (get it?! Fangirls’ Night Out? FNO?!) that you can participate in, too! In this interactive game, we’ll get different perspectives on hot topics in the Backstreet Boys fandom. You do NOT want to miss our first hot topic!


We’ll see you on Thursday, 9/10 at 8PM EST! Join us live and have a virtual night out right along with us! We can’t wait to “meet” you!


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