13 @KevinRichardson Looks That Are Guaranteed Swoon Worthy

by | Sep 4, 2020 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Kevin Richardson, Pop Music, Top Lists | 1 comment

Ah, Kevin. We’ll be honest and make sure you know that this was NOT the toughest blog post to put together for you guys. Staring through photos of him to find our favorites?! Yeah, twist our arms, right? 😉

Alright, we’re done boring you with our words. You know how good looking this man is. Let’s show you a few of our favorite looks!


Pondering Kevin

Who knew a cardigan sweater could literally make it SO HOT IN HERE?! Kevin pulls off this look for all the right reasons. Wow. Wow. Wow.


Denim Kevin

Combine that denim with the hair growing out and biting down on a bag of snacks — phew. He’s the snack here, y’all.


Millennium Kevin

Throwing it back to the blue light look on the Millennium album. Um, how has he literally NOT aged?!


Throwback Fabio-eque Kevin

Obviously he looks MUCH better than Fabio, But this sleek formal wear, mixed with straight hair, has us again, fanning ourselves.


Skinny Tie Kevin

That spiky hair look and the folded hands are making Kev look beyond dapper in this group photo.


Side Profile Kevin 

We’re not okay. Just look at that face.


Black and White Kevin 

We have no words.


CMA Kevin

As the oldest Backstreet Boy, Kevin usually appears as the more “serious” one. However, we love when we get to see a little goofy out of him!


Piano Playing Kevin

Make our hearts swoon more, would ya!? Anytime Kevin is on the piano, we can’t help but let our hearts skip a beat or two.


Chances Kevin

That blue suit does something to us. Good things, obviously.


Leather Jacket Vegas Kevin

The leather + hot pink tie?! SOLD.


Grateful Kevin

Ugh, so sweet. And the confetti?!


Furcoat Kevin

Last, and CERTAINLY not least, our favorite look of all.


Anyone else need a cold shower now?! Kevin keeps bringing the looks and we’re here for it! Cannot wait to see post-quarantine Kevin and the looks we KNOW he’ll serve up for us.

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