22 Years Later: @BackstreetBoys “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” – Which is better?

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Even though it was known to every country except the United States, the “Backstreet Boys” released “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” as a commercial single on July 14, 1998, as the fourth single from their self-titled U.S. debut album.

That was 22 years ago and over the years, the tune has become a staple of their live shows, but did you know that it was the first #1 video on MTV’s “Total Request Live?” The show debuted two months later on September 14, 1998, from their NYC studios and the ballad was the first most requested video on the iconic MTV show. 

I remember the first time I heard the song – on a cassette that belonged to my cousin’s little boy. He was crazy about the group and I knew nothing about them, but knew I would be seeing them in a few weeks at Grad Nite. 

As BSB fans know, the song was released in late 1995/1996 in other countries and along with that came a music video. 

This is widely known as the “snow” video.

The video included a young Kristin Richardson before she and Kevin were married. It’s cute if you’re a little teenage girl because there’s innocent flirting in the video and the boys in sweaters and the snow. It’s cute. 

The second music video, which was released in late June/early July 1998 was dramatically different than the first version. The boys were older (Nick was now 18) and they each had a girl in their weirdly designed bedrooms. Brian’s dog, Tyk, along with his then-girlfriend/now-wife Leighanne appeared in the music video. It was the second video she appeared in, having met Brian on the set of “As Long As You Love Me.”

The video includes the boys alone *gasp* in their rooms with their respective women. 

And let’s not forget the new Spanish version of the video. 

But which one is the favorite? For me, it would be the weird bedroom one. Just because Nick doesn’t look like he’s 12 in it. And that last shot of Kevin and Nick at the end of the video looking down on the camera. Um, yes please.

“They’re both a hit and miss for me,” Emilia said. “I’ll go with the US version they looked more mature and felt more suited for the song.

“The snow version. Because despite the HORRIBLE excessive turtle necks (WHY?), all five Boys are still beautiful marriage material,” Brittany added. “The same cannot be said for the weird room version. Only 2/5 are remotely acceptable in that version, and I’ll leave it up to you to decide which two those are.”

“While the snow one is cute and I’m a sucker for baby Backstreet, I’m gonna go with the room one,” Cindy said. “I like how each guy’s room was different and suited to their personality, yet at the end you see they all make up the same building – perhaps showcasing their individuality, but when put together all the elements make one sound/ a whole (Foreshadow of DNA? lol) It was also more well made and marketable than the other version.”

I took to Twitter to ask what video fans liked best.



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