Getting Back into Fiction Writing and What Inspires Us to Write

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Writing has always been something that I enjoyed doing to help keep my mind off things. I first began writing years ago when I got into BSB fan fiction. It wasn’t the greatest thing in the world. I never thought of myself as a good writer, but that was my first experience. So, your first may not always be the greatest. I used to run a fan fiction group to share my stories and let others do the same. I’d also post my stories on fan fiction sites. Over the years that stopped. When I launched my fansite I still wrote and after a while, my site became increasingly popular that I didn’t have the time. The stories I had written I eventually deleted them. I felt it was weird to write fanfics once I started updating Nick’s official site. I believe that’s another reason I stopped writing, but as I said it was mostly due to lack of time.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I began writing again. It was a slow start to get back into as I was busy with my fansite and other things within the BSB fandom. In the last year or so I began writing more and this year, in particular, I had written more than I had in a long time. This year was also a year where I realized just how consuming social media can be. I decided I needed a break from it and writing has helped me do just that. You’d be surprised just how much it helps and how calming it is. I can’t pinpoint what made me decide to get back into writing or what inspired me. All I know is that sometimes you need an escape and for me writing is that escape. Sometimes you’ll be writing for hours and not have the urge to check your social media.

Lately, I found myself being inspired by listening to all kinds of music. Some were just instrumental, piano, or ambient even. It had a calming effect and helped me focus. It has made me want to write more. I’ve also gotten into reading more these past several months and it has also inspired me to want to be a better writer and be more creative. In case you were wondering what I’m writing I’ve been working on a fiction story. I haven’t quite decided where I will eventually share this. I don’t think I’m great enough to be published, but maybe one day when I’m finished I’ll share it for any who is interested.

I know in the BSB fandom some fans are writers as well. Whether its fan fiction, original fiction, and so on. It led me to wonder what inspires people to write. I asked fans on Twitter, and here’s what you guys have responded with. Thank you to those who have responded.

Are you a writer? Want to let us know what inspires you to write? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments.

“Depends on what I’m writing. The fanfic I write usually comes from me not liking how one of my shows is going. For my children’s books, it can come from anything in my life. Most recently, I wrote my book “Mike Muffin Goes to the Museum” while I was sitting at work (at a museum)!” – Chelsea Marti 

“Having friends and music helps to inspires me.” – Marlena Truitt

“I’ve always loved writing and wrote my first original when I was about 15 lol it was loosely based on a high school crush I had lol only a few years ago did I get into writing fanfics based off of popular books and films. I find that a lot easier than writing originals.” – Tina F

“I’ve written fanfic most of my life. My BSB/Kevin series (5 books) was the most I’ve done on any subject. I write mostly for myself, but I’ve also enjoyed sharing my stories. It’s human connections that inspire me, & I always found the BSB bond fascinating.”  – Leigh Hutton

For me it has always been music. When I first started writing fan fiction, it was mostly country music. For some reason the last decade, I’ve been inspired by Taylor Swift’s songs, The Cure, Jonas Brothers and Niall Horan.” – Karah

Things and people I am passionate about.

I fell in love with writing in 2nd grade, when we had a writing facilitator that visited our class every month (ish) giving us prompts to prepare for the 3rd grade standardized writing test. (Shout out to Mrs. Ernst!!) She would pick the best samples from our class and turn them into overhead projector sheets to talk over with the class (what was good? What could be better? How would this score on a standardized test?) I have about 15 of those overhead projector sheets saved in a box. ?

I wrote for school newspapers starting in 7th grade through college. (Sports and entertainment were my JAM!) I worked in the Sports Info Office all four years in college, writing press releases for our 20 intercollegiate athletics teams.

Now, my career is writing (fundraising for higher ed and alumni and parent relations communications). If I didn’t love it, I couldn’t do it. – Brittany

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