Thoughts: If @BackstreetBoys are with you, you’re OK

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So it finally happened last night. BSB officially postponed the DNA tour until next year in a short video with AJ and Brian. Now what??? I know how you are feeling… you have MIXED EMOTIONS…at least I know I do…

I think it is normal right now to feel happy, sad, relieved, angry, devastated, annoyed, lonely, etc…you name it…

As much as many of us had been preparing for this announcement, the reality was finally confirmed. No saving up for M&G this year, no after parties to attend, etc…

But guess what, we now know those things will be next year… 2021 will be even better than we ever realized because we will truly take Nick’s advice.


If you don’t know what that means, decode

So you might be asking what do you do this year? I am hoping we will slowly get back to “normal” to be able to do some things we wanted to do. Keeping in mind social distancing may make this harder for some than others, do what you can and what will work for you.

I made a list of a few ideas I came up with:

  • Instead of planning a trip to see the boys where you were going to meet up with friends, plan a trip to just see them and hang out someplace new, or someplace old.
  • Keep up with your House Party/FaceTIme/Skype/Zoom calls with your BSB friends. No one understands you more during this time
  • Do concert nights where you watch one of your favorite shows with the boys on YouTube or DVD
  • Since we have been waiting on a cruise announcement, and likely to wait longer now on that, maybe plan a virtual cruise or even a real one if you can. You can even plan your own BSB theme nights and make it fun.
  • Enjoy tweeting with your favorite boys now. Some of them have been more active lately than ever!
  • Do looped calls if you are lucky enough to.
  • Making TIkTok videos with your friends

I will end this with “we are all in this together” whether it was going to be your first time getting to see the boys or your 100th time… it is always a special experience and everyone deserves the change to get to go. Let’s support each other… don’t make fun of others who are tweeting or posting how sad/depressed they may be, and sub-tweeting about it doesn’t make it any better. Those are valid feelings. We all look to BSB as an outlet for something whether it is our motivation to take a vacation because we worked so hard, celebrating our birthdays, bachelorettes, graduations, or escaping the reality of our lives.

So please remember to be kind, have empathy, and that this tour postponement is a loss, so people will feel a lot of different ways…and that’s ok.

So take let’s take care of each other until 2021 and remember “as long as there is music, they’ll be coming back again”.

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