WTF were @BackstreetBoys thinking: “Chances”

by | May 10, 2020 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Music, WTF | 2 comments

“Chances” is by far one of the most beautiful, interesting music videos that the Backstreet Boys have ever filmed and our own AJ McLean co-directed it. 

Obviously, he needs to do this more often. 

But there’s some things in this music video that definitely has us questioning things. Maybe we watch too many crime shows, but “Chances” is a very stalkerish music video. 

Here are the times the music video for “Chances” definitely made us go WTF.

It almost looks like the guy notices Brian just standing there looking at him. You’d think he would be looking at the girl, but I guess if you see a Backstreet Boy in a train station, you do just stop and stare. 

And here goes Nick, creeping behind a pillar, singing about the girl. 

And now he’s being all creepy to the guy and the girl, with his pensive singing. 

Suddenly AJ’s standing against the pillar, with people going fast around him, showing how long he’s been behind one watching people. Creepy.

And it’s no coincide that Kevin is sitting next to the guy getting his shoes shined when the girl walks by. 

Oh my God, now all the boys are there watching them. Can they be more nonchalant?

It’s okay guy, when Nick does that thing with his eyes, we smile like that, too. 

Who needs white suits and “I Want It That Way” when you have five stalkerish guys dressed in suits in a train station?

Overemoting at its finest and how have they not noticed him yet? Nick’s really passionate about these people. 

Who else just noticed AJ sitting there on the train as Nick’s singing? Now AJ is being creepy towards Nick. 

Okay Howard, sitting behind the guy singing isn’t creepy at all. 

Kevin is creeping, laid back, with his mind on creepin’ and creepin’ on his mind. 

The boy and girl have finally lost those five creepy guys who are following him. Thank God. 

Oh wait, nope, they start to kiss and there goes Brian, creepin’ up on them one more time. 

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