Thoughts: Sometimes we and the @BackstreetBoys need a break

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Anyone feel like they are starting to lose their minds, or that others are? I think we have come to that time when we just need a break, and we should say it to ourselves, “I need a break, from (fill in the blank).”

It is ok to take a break… from our jobs, from our families, friends, and especially social media.

I usually am a pretty positive person, and while I don’t post most of my personal business on social media, I have good days and bad days too! But I can definitely see the quarantine is starting to eat at some people more than others, especially when it comes to social media.

We often go to our social media to connect with our friends, and people with similar interests. For us, we are connecting over BSB. Most of the time that is great, but lately it has been more frustrating at times, with people making passive-aggressive comments, replying to “haters”, and not having patience, kindness, and respect for others.

Remember we are human so we are not always going to be at our best, if we start noticing we are angry and dreading certain things, like logging on to Twitter, or a Facebook group, don’t do it! Take a deep breath, and find some other more enjoyable activity to do.

Lastly, while we may need to take a break, let’s try to give our boys a break. There is a lot of things right now out of their control too! I know they miss us, but they are also enjoying time with their family in the midst of everything going on, as well as trying to determine their own future. While we are sad about our uncertain vacations and extracurricular activities, their careers are strongly impacted by all of this too. Let’s support them, and have some patience. They see us, and hear us. Send them encouraging and supportive messages, funny memories from your shows or time together, or pictures/videos that you are fond of.

And friends remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn…right now we are struggling, but I know we will see some great times again.

Take care of yourself.

Dawn @iidawnii

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