WTF were @BackstreetBoys Thinking: “Quit Playing Games With My Heart” music video

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Out of a lot of the early Backstreet Boys music videos, besides “Get Down,” the one that raises the most questions is “Quit Playing Games With My Heart.”


There are so many things about the music video that boggles the mind. Kevin has called it their “beefcake video” and didn’t want it to be the way that America saw them for the first time. For alot of us, thankfully, that’s not how we were first introduced to the boys, but Lord when we did first see it. 

So these are the moments that made us go WTF in “Quit Playing Games with my Heart.”

The music video just starts off weird with the leaves, some finger snaps, and then a little Nick Carter running his fingers through his soft, blonde hair with his gaze on you … sorry, I, um, I lost what I was saying. 


  1. What the hell is up when Kevin Scott Richardson’s hair? Who told him to do that? Was this Lou’s decision?
  2. Alexander James McLean, what is around your neck?

So are the Backstreet Boys just a bunch of hoodlums who run around and hang out in a gang outside schools at night? Also, why are the majority of them in white pants and sitting on the ground?

Oh god, the soft blonde hair again, with his blue eyes peeking from behind his eyes’ blonde curtains. 

Why is it when I talk about Nick I sound like I’m writing a romance novel?

Kevin, honey, are you okay? You look lost. 

Kevin in his sunglasses, what are you warning us … oh, you’re warning us Nick is coming. His blonde hair just floating in the wind. I need to stop that. 

I am all up with Nick Carter pointing at me when Kevin comes and creeps it up with holding his hand out while looking up. Who is he looking at up there? Jesus? An angel? Was AJ hanging in a tree?

HOWARD! What are you doing back there with that dance move and then your hands? I honestly kind of forget you were in the video. 

Ya’ll, he said “you betta” while moving his hands all sexually. 

Must remember Nick was like 16 here.  That’s okay, when he was 16, I was 16. That makes it okay, right?

Sweet Howie, what is going on right now? All of a sudden they’ve changed clothes and it’s raining and Nick is doing things with his fingers and his hair that should be considered illegal. WHAT IS GOING ON?

Nick who? Oh a wet Kevin and AJ. But did you notice AJ’s necklace changed?

Nipples. Wet Chests. Nipples. Wet Chests. Is this what the video director thought teenage girls wanted to see?

Nipples. Nipples. Nipples

There is … so much … going on … in this four seconds that …. my mind … brain … not … functioning …. 

Kevin and AJ were legal in this video, right? Because that makes me feel better. 

And we end it with more Kevin, nipples, and AJ, which is a trio this music video apparently loves.  I mean, did the director decide out of all the guys, Howie had the best nipples?

DId anybody enjoy the nipples in this vidoe? What about “Quit Playing Games With My Heart” made you go WTF?

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