11 Random @BackstreetBoys Videos to Lift Your Spirits During Quarantine

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Are you slowly coming down from the high of seeing the boys on the iHeart Radio Living Room Concert for America Special on Sunday night? Fear not, fellow Backstreet fan. We’ve got some of our favorite YouTube videos of the boys to share with you in case you’re in need of a little more BSB love to get you through the rest of this week!

And, hey, we’ve even categorized these videos in fun ways, so whatever your mood is, you can tap into the videos we love that we’re sure will lift those quarantined spirits! Ready?!



Guess That Tweet!

    • These are especially funny because the guys are ADAMANT that certain tweets HAVE to be from another guy. When, in fact, it was them just a few years ago. 😉


Who Said It?!

    • Another fun game to watch each of them guess who said which quote. Also, the harmonizing here is SPOT ON (and hilarious when they sing ‘Free Ballin’)

Foot Flickers

    • Um, Backstreet Boys AND Ellen?! Sign us up!



Interview with Bilingirl Chika

    • If you’re in need of your uterus to glow and/or your ovaries to explode, watch the boys sing the ABCs to this baby. You’re welcome.


1998 Interview on The View

  • Lots of fan/kid interaction here which is freakin’ adorable
  • Also, can we talk about how teenage Nick + Kev are making us blush talking about perfect dates? Phew.



2000 BSB Acapella Medley from Walmart Concert Series

    • If you’re in need of relaxation, HIGHLY recommend this one, you guys. Some fun medleys — and Brian even corrects the awful grammar in “All I Have To Give”. That alone was enough to mention this. 😉


Kevin Surprises Crowd at Staples Center

    • Maybe not the best quality with video/sound, but you guys, we had full-body CHILLS watching this. Maybe a few tears. So epic. So good. We missed you, Kev!


Full Concert from March 2000

    • Holy. Freakin’. Nostalgia. Unbelievable that this was 20 years ago. (Do they age?!) If you’re looking for a little trip down memory lane, this one is it.



Rolling Stones Cover Shoot

    • Not the best quality video, but if exposed muscles and pants falling down don’t care care of that, we’re not sure what will help. But, seriously, SO good.

BSB The Movie Bloopers

    • You guys, when we say we laughed — OMG. Freakin’ hilarious. From Kevin’s immediate swearing to sassy quips from AJ to Howie, Brian’s stretching screaming and Nick talking in third person, it’s all just what we need right now.


Okay, this video gets a category all of it’s own because it’s one of our all-time favorite BSB videos to re-watch when we need a laugh.

If you haven’t already seen this, buckle up. And if you have, it’s time to watch it again!


Let us know some of your favorites from above! We’d love to hear them!

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