Guest Post: “I Got You:” How @BackstreetBoys brought Allison & Bailey together

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By Allison

I Got You. What does it mean? It’s a Nick song about soulmates. Love. Letting the other person know you’re not going to give up on them. For me, it’s a song for my best friend. Nick is part of the reason why we met to begin with. 

Many of you know Bailey. Many of you may or may not know myself. This is our story, or journey. 

It all started with the Backstreet Boys Fan Club Facebook page. I swore when I came back to the fandom in 2010, that I’d be picky with the people that I’d meet and associate myself with, especially with the crazy people I’d encountered with in other fan groups I’d been apart of. However, I’d slowly started adding people from this secret page, and in May 2018, I (unknowingly) added a girl that sent me a friend request. It wouldn’t be until December of 2018 that we’d really start talking. 


When we began talking, it was just about the boys, our journeys with the boys, and how we got to the point we were at. We then started FaceTiming, and realized that we’d FaceTime till 2 or 3 am, even on a work night. The conversations would get deeper from there. 

Since she’s from Virginia, and I’m from Ohio. We decided that it was time to meet. We’d meet in the summer of 2019, in Charleston, WV, which is halfway for us. Unfortunately, that weekend never happened, due to Bailey needing surgery. Instead, the surprise of a lifetime would happen. 

It was June 14, 2019. Chris (my boyfriend) and I were visiting friends in Southpoint, Ohio, which is about 3 hours from Pulaski, VA, where Bailey was recovering. We decided, spontaneously, that we’d go see Bailey, and not tell her until we were there. I’m horrible with surprises, so this was new territory for me. 

We got to the hospital, and Chris decided to text her to make sure she was awake. She told him she was eating and asked him if he wanted to join, and then told him to come on when he obliged. That’s when he made her cry the biggest tears of joy, because she hadn’t had many visitors and didn’t expect us to drive 300 miles one way to see her. There were some obstacles with the visit, but it ended splendidly-with pizza and sunshine. She hadn’t been outside in 3 weeks, by the way. (Hospital pics here)

We had seen each other once more that summer before we went to our respective DNA shows. Me, Denver and Omaha, and her Raleigh, NC. Then, it’d be our chance to go to our first show together. That first show would be Chris Lane and Baylee in Cincinnati. Bailey, unexpectedly, spent a week at my house the week of that show. 

This is when I learned, in person, how crazy and passionate we both are about a 17-year-old and his music. It was Halloween and freezing outside, and we screamed so loud from the back of the room where the ADA section was, that Baylee could probably hear us. It was a blast, though. (Baylee show pics here).

Our friendship has grown to the point, that Bailey decided she wanted to move here to Columbus. However, she only spent ONE WEEK here. That’s usually not enough time to “know” if you wanna pick up your life and move 5 hours from your family and anything you had known, and move to a big city. So, we decided she’d come back, but this time for 3 weeks and another Backstreet Boys adventure. This time, an ATCK show, and getting to meet AJ. 

Now, I’m a veteran at meeting the boys. Bailey, however, is new. She couldn’t do upgrades in Raleigh, due to them not being available, so she had only met Howie and Baylee up to this point. So, what did we do at the AJ show?! Did a meet and greet of course!! Bailey’s reaction when he walked in the room was priceless!!

Her eyes got about as big as bugs, she whispered some choice words under her breath (not knowing I heard her) and then looked at me giggling at her. She says she didn’t say 3 words to him because she froze. He was so sweet to her, though, and wheeled her to where he wanted her in the picture. We got to see a different side of AJ, and it was definitely fun. (ATCK pics) 

Our journey brings us to current times. Bailey’s moving May 9, 2020, world permitting, to Columbus, and we’re going to 2 DNA shows this summer-4 days apart! She’s excited to (hopefully) get to meet all the boys and more of our “online” friends. 

Personally, I couldn’t ask for a better best friend, and it was 5 goofy guys with amazing vocals and dance moves, that would bring us together. It was because of a “boy band”, but not just any “boy band”. My boy band. My Backstreet Boys. 


About Allison:

I am a 28-year old, avid Backstreet fan from Columbus, Ohio. I’ve been a fan of BSB since I was 6, and am a fan of all things Nick. I’m originally from Nebraska, and am also a HUGE Huskers Football fan.


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