Site Update: Tough being a fangirl during the #Coronavirus

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Let’s be real, being a fangirl during the Coronavirus/Covid-19 is tough. 

I am lucky enough that I can work from home and right now, my company is still working, along with a few other of our team members, while some are out of work right now while we fight this devil of a virus. 

Being stuck at home without going out and having fun definitely takes the fangirling down a level, but we are trying. 

Personally I have been having a tough time with this. I value my time at work at the office because it’s time away from my mother in the day so I’m not driven crazy. Being stuck at home and working, I’m going crazy. But I stay at home because not only does she have underlying medical conditions, I do as well. 

So just a few updates here, mostly the fact that we are accepting guest posts from people who do not want to really be a full-time author here, but have something to say. 

Do you have something to say about being a fangirl? Contact us and let us know. Don’t just say you’ve been a fan of Backstreet Boys for 25 years, give us the topic you want to write about. 

Right now we have a contest on our Twitter to win a copy of one of my books – “How to be an Adult Fangirl (And Not Ruin Your Life).” Click here to see the tweet. 

Speaking of reading, a few people have asked about my next book. Right now, I’m just a little over halfway done with “Let It Be Me.” I’ve also been asked about some of my old fan fiction, so I give you this poll. Let me know. I’ll check the answers tomorrow afternoon. 🙂

Update: I’ve posted a few of the older stories 🙂 Click here

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