How @BackstreetBoys Have Changed Our Business for the Better

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If you happened to read our very first post on the BSB Fangirls blog, you know that the boys played a major role in bringing the two of us together as friends and business partners—before ever even meeting each other in person!

When we each started our first businesses back in 2015, we were hesitant to share our full, true selves online. We were both under the impression that in order to be a business owner, you had to portray a persona that’s professional and buttoned-up. But we’ve since learned that, especially in the creative industry, it’s okay to freakin’ be yourself! In fact, the more we allowed ourselves to be real, the more our business grew, and the more we attracted clients that we were over-the-moon excited to work with. 

Needless to say, sharing our fangirl side played a big part of that. And we’re happy to report that within our industry, we’re becoming more and more well-known as the brand + website designers who love BSB.


Here’s a fun little peek at how we’ve done that over the years:


Brand Photos

We’ve been lucky enough to do THREE different photo shoots together now for our business. The very first one was a little awkward because we’d literally just met each other in person for the first time the day before. ???? Looking back, we can tell we were holding back a bit and weren’t totally ourselves in those photos. But the last two shoots we did heavily anchored on fun props like pizza, champagne, BSB t-shirts, one of our BSB Vegas posters, and VIP lanyards—all of which made us feel so damn happy. And it SHOWS in the photos!



All throughout our website, we drop subtle little BSB hints here and there to keep things fun. Aside from our brand photos, we’ve got lyrics from IWITW, a “Pop Quiz” packed full of BSB GIFs, and even photos from our BSB Vegas M&G on our “About” Page! 



Social media has been another awesome platform for us to share our fangirl side in fun ways! We not only tag @backstreetboys in our IG bio, but we also have a highlight just for the boys—yes, right there among all the business stuff. ???? Last year, the BSB account reposted one of our stories for the first time and it took about a week to peel ourselves off the floor after that one!



Aside from helping us attract more fangirl clients that we LOVE to work with, the BSB references are a plenty once clients actually book with us, too!

The first step in our process is a ‘Brand Discovery Questionnaire’ which asks our clients all about their business and their brand + website goals. But by far the most important question is at the end—when we survey them on who their favorite BSB is. We even recapped the answers in the form of rankings on our end-of-year infographic (Nick was the winner, of course.)

We’re also super proud of a GIF we made from footage of Nick at the Chicago AP we went to together last year. It gets shared between us everytime we book a new client. ALLLL the celebratory vibes over here thanks to Mr. Carter!



As you can see, we’re livin’ the damn dream and we’re so grateful for that. Being true to ourselves and not holding back—especially when it comes to our fandom—has done wonders for our business. So, thank you, Backstreet Boys. And thank you, fangirls, for letting us share this part of our BSB journey with you!



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