How to Keep the @BackstreetBoys Pride Alive During This Difficult Time

by | Mar 15, 2020 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Music, Pop Music


With the last date of the #DNAWorldTour in South America being canceled and the Coronavirus making people work from home, not work at all, overwork for those in service areas, and even cancel school, we as fangirls may just feel like we are in a rut. 

And who do we run to in difficult times to help us feel better? That’s right, the Backstreet Boys. 

While the boys are not on tour currently and will probably be at home with their families trying to stay away from the Coronavirus, there are things we can do to help support the boys and keep that Backstreet pride alive. 

These are just a few ways to help promote the guys:

1. Stream

Streaming most-definitely helps with keeping the boys’ in the spotlight. Billboard now uses YouTube views on music videos to help with chart rankings. Also sharing the links, especially to the music videos, on social media. Make playlists on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify because that also helps promote them. Create Pandora stations and give the songs a “thumbs up” when they get played. 

2. Join the Fan Club

I know it sounds silly, but the Backstreet Boys Fan Club is possibly the best fan club that I’ve ever been in and over the years, I have been in many. There are chances to win contests, a place to blog your thoughts about the boys, first access to VIPs and concert tickets and we have our own Facebook Group that is free of clutter and for fan club members only. 

3. Merchandise

I know I own pretty much everything in the store, but buying the guys’ merchandise is another way to support them. Whether it’s items from the Wonderful Union Fan Club store located here or the official merchandise store located here, buying authorized merchandise is the way to go. 

4. Radio

I know it sounds old school, but call into your local station or tweet them and request one of their songs, probably their older songs, or “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” whatever it takes to get them on the radio and remind people that Backstreet’s back. 

5. Blog

Whether you are blogging on the official fan club, or you start your own, it never hurts to keep the fandom flowing with new content. In fact, we are open to writers joining our site who have something great to say. Even if you’re just a guest writer and would like to submit something you have written, contact us!

6. Social Media

I don’t mean follow the guys on Twitter, I mean get creative on social media. Join Tik-Tok or Instagram and make Backstreet Boys videos that could go viral. Create graphics or videos that you can post on Twitter or Facebook. 

7. Buy tickets

While the majority of us probably already have tickets to more than one show, buying tickets to the guys is one of the best ways to support them. The more fans that come to see them, the more likely they will come back to their towns or have the backing from a big company like LiveNation and Ticketmaster. Plus touring is how most artists make money now since album sales are all but down the drain thanks to digital music. 


Have another way to help support the Backstreet Boys? Tweet us and let us know @BSBFangirls!

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  1. Margaret Moore

    Love you guys always # 1 fan


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