WTF were @BackstreetBoys thinking in the ‘Bigger’ music video

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Note: This is a new series on where we question different things that the Backstreet Boys have done throughout their career. 

One of my favorite Backstreet Boys videos is “Bigger.” Why? It’s just different than the others. They aren’t singing in a field or in the mountains. There isn’t a huge storyline because frankly, everything in the video is so damn random.

So that made me think … WTF were they thinking in the “Bigger” music video?

Let’s get started ….

First off, why the hell are the boys following a girl as she walks in the middle of the street. Are they stalking her? Is she like the white rabbit and leading them somewhere?

Better yet, is Brian now being stalked because we start out with them following the girl and now he’s singing to someone who is following him.

Did that girl lead them here? To a place full of girls in french maid outfits? Are they looking for housekeeping? Is this AJ’s sick and twisted fantasy?

And where is Howie going? Is he going to stalk somewhere else? Why is he going off somewhere alone? Or is he going to find more girls in those outfits?

Now the girls are all standing behind Nick. And he’s singing with them. Are they waiting for him to spill his tea? Or coffee? Or are they backup singers?

Did Nick step in poo and is showing it to us? Because I know he’s singing that his feet is on the ground, but actually his foot is in the air, so what’s the point, boo?

A few things, but first, AJ McLean in eyeliner, hell yes. Can we get any hotter? We need more of that. But the girls are still standing around and now Nick is playing the drums with spoons and his tea cup?

How ironic that they see a shirt that says karaoke and then they break out in karaoke in a room with others. Was this planned or did they just say, “Hey! Karaoke! Let’s do it!”

When we say Big, you say Ger! Big. Ger. Why the hell weren’t we invited to this party?

Brian is now trying to make Wylee go international by giving someone one of the scarfs. 

Howie is taking this stalking thing a little too seriously. Now he’s on top of a roof? He might need a telescope if he’s going to peep into windows.



Okay, who let Nick out alone? He’s out venturing and now smiling while looking in the middle of the street. That just means that he’s gonna get himself into something. 

No words. I have no words. 

Okay, he’s okay. False alarm.


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