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Review: Mexico City – An Adventure in @BackstreetBoys Fangirling

by | Mar 1, 2020 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Concert Reviewer, Music, Pop Music, Review | 0 comments

Let me start by saying I’m beyond happy that our boys are back on the stage! The DNA tour has been so much fun for me personally that I decided to make the trek to Mexico City for the start of the 2020 DNA tour. As always the boys absolutely killed it and as always they made all the struggles we encountered worth it!

Let’s start by saying none of those in my group spoke Spanish, and this made things a little more complicated when we encountered issues. Yet the most amazing thing happened during our trip, when we clearly needed help arguing with ticket sales people on the phone the fans in line for the show rallied around us and helped us fight for our tickets in Spanish.

We never had to ask people in line for help other fans just stepped up to translate for us, it really was quite amazing to witness! It was an incredible sisterhood of fangirls helping us when it was clear our tickets were not going to show up. (Tickets were never going to arrive as they didn’t ever exist.)

It was someone in line that mentioned we try the ticket booth to see if any tickets had been returned, when we did we found front row tickets and honestly had the best night after that! I’m still in awe of how many people helped us when we were at our worst in a country where we didn’t speak the language.

We had lots of issues with the tickets during the trip. we all learned many lessons on this trip but the biggest lesson was, always check to see if wherever you’re traveling to has electronic tickets or only paper tickets. Coming from a country that has primarily electronic tickets it was kind of a shock for us to realize why we were struggling to get our tickets. The ticket company that one set of tickets were purchased through kept pushing out the delivery date ( tickets bought in November) and in the end never actually had the tickets in hand even though it said immediately deliverable. The other set of tickets that were supposed to be delivered to hotel did get delivered however were not correct seats.

Since the deliveries were scheduled to happen the day of the show they wouldn’t even return the money to purchase as long as they delivered by the time of the concert. They had fulfilled their part of the contract by delivering and in theory as long as we had the tickets before the show started it would have been fine, however then you throw in our meet and greets. For the meet and greets we had to have the tickets by 5:30 ( at the arena) so we could enter, however they were not guaranteed until 8 pm.

So we still didn’t have tickets, we were unsure if they were real, and now we were possibly going to miss out on our meet and greet! Needless to say, we were stressed!

From now on tickets not in hand by the time I leave for show are not arriving and I’ll begin working on alternative tickets. Make sure you keep a detailed record of all promises of delivery and payments made in case you have to file claims to get your money back. ( Especially if you don’t speak the language) I know we were not the only ones to have issues with tickets, but I do know how lucky we were to have amazing people around us that assisted!

So after all the ticket issues we did make it to all three nights in Mexico City, I had forgotten how much I love being in that atmosphere! The first night we were in the pit, and this is a lot different than the pit of 2019. It’s significantly smaller and PACKED!

This is where I remind all fans that when you’re in pit don’t be rude and push because you want to be closer/touch the boys. People get hurt and honestly, it makes the boys pull away!

Stay chill enjoy the moment and honestly ask if you just want to reach out so I can move a little instead of being tackled. This pit is the type once you are inside you probably won’t be going back out so be prepared.

Now, this is just the set up we are seeing right now but I’m not sure this is how it will be every time as it does look like some of the upcoming shows have full DNA circle and side pits. (This venue did not have side pits and looked like what we will see in some of the summer dates) This stage is also much lower than the previous stage so while they are closer be ready for people to rush the stage more!

Again I’m not sure this will be how it is in every show upcoming but for this round, there was no rising stage. Which for me what’s awesome because I finally got to see “Breathe” performed! The set overall had less moving parts and relied more on the screens for effects instead of LED lights all-around stage. It still felt like the same amazing show though! Honestly, I only noticed some of the differences because I knew I was going to write about the shows.

The setlist is still the same as before and I still love it! The boys seamlessly fell back into work mode on stage and nailed every move! They all looked to be having a blast and that emanated from the stage. The crowds were loud and couldn’t get enough of the boys! It was fun to see how much fun everyone was having!

They all sounded amazing and I could feel that they were re-energized after their time off.

Both Howie and Nick did extra events while in Mexico City and both were fantastic!

If you have a chance to do them, DO them. Nick’s is like any Nick event and packed and full of nervous energy because you’re about to be right next to freaking NICK CARTER. Howie’s are the exact opposite they are chill, more intimate and you get to eat next to HOWIE D! So each is perfect and caters to all different fans. There was a scheduling conflict this time around so fans who bought both had to choose! (you can ask my friends this was not an easy task for me!)

Overall the experience was amazing although stressful at times! The shows still blew me away, the boys are still as wonderful as ever, I just caution all when buying tickets to keep the receipts and read the fine print!

I honestly couldn’t believe how great all those we met were, from the fans, to security, to the staff at our hotel everybody tried to help us so much! It is more proof that this truly is a family and that we do have each other’s backs! Mexico City thanks for the experience of a lifetime!

**Thanks to the ladies who fought hard on the phone for us on Friday and thanks to the BSB staff and boys themselves for helping us stay positive and make it through!

**Lastly thanks to the other Carrie G for the hours spent on the phone and for sticking it out with me! Also thanks to GOLF for always making us smile and being amazing!