Man Crush Monday: @AJ_McLean and his new hairstyle

by | Feb 24, 2020 | AJ McLean, Man Crush Monday | 0 comments

Photo credit: Justin Segura (@shaggs)

One of my FAVORITE things about AJ is how he is unapologetically himself, public opinion be damned. He has always had a unique sense of style, coupled with an incredibly attractive confidence, that can make just about anything look good. 

In Mexico City this week, AJ pulled off a braided mohawk that was reminiscent of one of my favorite hairstyles from the Black and Blue era (see “The Call” music video). It made me feel like it was 2001 all over again, and I LOVE it! 

I am forever thankful for AJ’s reminder (and, maybe more importantly, his example) that “normal” is not something to aspire to.

Photo credit: Claudia Perez (@dermaclau)


Photo credit: Zeus Photography (@zeus.lpz)

Photo credit: Zeus Photography (@zeus.lpz)


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