The @BackstreetBoys Through the Years: As Told by Hairstyles

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When you think of the Backstreet Boys, you can probably easily describe which iconic looks of theirs are your favorites. (Check out our favorites of the past decade here!)

Today, we’re highlighting some of the most memorable hairstyles of theirs through the years! From bold colors to surprising cuts — even one that gave us all of the romance novel vibes — we’re going to guess that a few of these are your favorites, too!

The 90s Heartthrob 


Who else has felt personally attacked bythis meme? This classic haircut with the middle part was an iconic staple of the early 90s, and did anyone ever wear it better than our Nickolas Gene Carter?! We think not. 


The Sexy Shag

The effortlessly cool feathered layers. The perfect length that says, “I’m laid back but I still have my shit together.” The SCRUFF. I mean, is there a hairstyle this guy can’t pull off?!


The Bearded Fabio

When you think about BSB and hair, your mind automatically goes to Kevin and his majestic locks. We’re thinking that in a past life, Kevin’s calling was to be a model for fantastical romance novel covers…makes sense, right?


The Hot Philanthropist

I mean, we didn’t think our sweet Kev could get any sweeter until he surprised us all by chopping off those Fabio locks and donating his hair to Children With Hair Loss! Is someone cutting onions in here?!

(Also, that perfectly trimmed goatee deserves a shout out of its own!)


The Offbeat Bleach Buzz

I mean, cmon, what were the Backstreet Boys in the 90s without AJ’s eccentric style? This bleached buzz cut with the skinny little goatee was one of the most memorable looks AJ ever rocked. And while not many could pull off this bold look, we think he did a damn good job!

The Bold Badass 

Yet another example of Mr. Mclean being unapologetically unique was his brief stint with a bright, candy apple red dye job. If you can’t tell by our bio photo, we are big fans of funky hair colors, and this look is no exception! 😉

The Straight-Haired Stud

Howie’s shiny, pin-straight, middle-parted hairstyle was and still is making women around the world envious of its beauty. Seriously, what straightener does he use?!


The Telenovela Star

The complete opposite of our other Howie ‘do on this list, we had to shout out Sweet D embracing his natural Latino curls. Muy guapo!


The Boy Next Door

Can we just take a moment to notice how freakin’ adorable young Brian was? (Cue the collective “awwww!”) We couldn’t complete this list without highlighting his cute, straight-across bangs. This is the look that had all of us dreaming of Mr. Littrell back in the 90s!


The Clean Cut Cutie

We’re a sucker for modern hairstyles like this one that is short on the sides and longer on top. While we’ve seen all five guys pull off this style beautifully, we LOOOVE that Brian’s shows off some texture! (And hi, look more adorable in a bow tie, why don’t ya?!)

So, what do you think?

Is there a favorite hairstyle of one of the boys that we missed?! We have a feeling these handsome guys aren’t done surprising us with their styles and we cannot wait to see what’s still to come!









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